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August 19, 2008


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It simple, follow the .COM WOD's or the ones Freddy posts and everything will come together for you. The results will be amazing! Freddy and the .COM site know how to program workouts well, do those workouts as hard as you can possibly go and chill for the rest of the day. Thats all you need!

so like i said i'm new to this game and would really like to get going on this i've tried several workouts and i'm hooked !!!! being a cop (narcotics U/C) i really need to get my fitness dialed in. my question is should i just follow the site and do the Rxd WOD or should i add more .. ??

You can post the questions on this blog Mario, the trainers AND Fredyy check in on it regularly.

hey i new to this crossfit stuff and need some direction .. nay body know Freddy's email or can give him mine i'd really like to ask him or any of his trainers some questions ... thank you

Went in today and worked on my snatch form. I worked the dowel and #35 and then #75. Trying to be smoother on the shrug and getting under the bar faster and firmer.

New fish game PR, 1725! Gunning for the King.


Tisk Tisk

I would love to do the 5k buuuuutt I am sure there are other wods I should catch up on lol

I believe it, Jason! That's awesome... and good to hear you're doing well.

Hey Will, that's a pretty good line up so far, I'm gonna check with the wife and see what we have planned for that weekend

Hello all from Hershey, PA -yes, that chocolate place. The rug rats are having loads of fun. Bruce Springstein played last night (tickets were sold out so we listened to the concert from the rides). It's hard to stay on track with so much sweetness around you but thanks to the Crossfit Training and the great coaching of Freddy, Chong, Brad, Mia and my favorite Balls-of-Fire guy, Joe, I am ajusting the WODS to accomodate the farm life: watching the sun rise and the farm horses run in the corral while I do the WODS! I'm sure the other guests think I'm nuts but hey, I'm a One World Crossfitter! I can workout anywhere!

See you all in a bit!

The Evil One

Freddy, your thoughtful posts the last two days were very helpful and encouraging. I am really benefitting from the 3 days on 1 day off cycle that you have transitioned to.

Rest days have allowed me time to focus on visualization. My mind's eye has been a strong component to improve my performance especially in the technical lifts that require proper form and coordination. This has also been critical to combat "The Dread" and maintain my motivation.

By preparing my mind to push myself to new standards, I hope to avoid embarrassing myself or One World in the ring. You have already said that I suck so we will just have to see about that in 2009, won't we! Perhaps by sparring one another. You are 10 years older than me and we are about the same height right? I am 5'4".

Mia, I like the post, but I don't think I have ever said that to anyone that has enrolled. Its amazing how many people come to my facility and have no idea that I won the games, Crossfit is booming, people are finding out from friends how bad ass it is and coming by to check it out. I'm just happy to be a part of it!!!

Thanks for the pic Freddy!! Talk to you guys soon!!

Any One Worlder is more than welcome to come by anytime!

Brad, here's the info I was telling Brad about earlier today.

Monterey Bay Reggae Festival
Monterey County Fairgrounds,
2004 Fairgrounds Rd., Monterey
August 29-31: Head on down to Monterey for a music festival featuring Ky-Mani Marley, Collie Buddz, Rankin Scroo, Alpha Blondy and many more!

No doubt he's gotta be doing well at his box. Hell of a selling point- Hi. I'm the fittest man on the planet. Come let me train you.

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