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December 21, 2010


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This is awesome!


I wish my gym would play cool music. Heck, even Mexican would be nice.

In the words of the Almighty Josh Everett, "If you need music to motivate you, go find something else to do."
That's the mantra I go by =]

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Anything Christian makes me strong while working out. :)

Well, while working out last night, I heard alot of people scream Beiber, so I'm guessing you have alot of Justin Beiber fans.

Agreed. Hunt you down and Indestructible rock. Disturbed and Saliva rock.

Three Days Grace is also on my playlist, I just thought I've put enough songs down.

Mastodon... is too much for me. I heard Iron Tusk and Blood and Thunder from them and think they're too metal.

And as far as using music in official CrossFit games (or any official sport event) I'd be fighting a losing battle if I said that music doesn't enhance performance. But where do you draw the line? Runners wear better shoes designed to run faster, swimmers wear goggles and swim caps to swim faster, bikers ride better bikes to ride faster.. and on and on and on.... music is the same concept isn't it? I think the line should be drawn when the product you're using to enhance your performance is bad for you and destructive to you. (i.e. drugs/steroids) But again.. I know this argument would be a losing one.

I usually don't notice the music while I'm actively working. It's during the rest periods or when I'm just taking a breather that having good music becomes valuable. It pumps me back up and keeps me going when I'm feeling beat.

I like Benson's choices. Benson, you should add "Hunt You Down" by Saliva and "Indistructable" by Disturbed to your lineup.

But on a serious note a good album I like working out to is Leviathan by Mastodon. It is based on the Herman Melville novel Moby-Dick. It reminds me of a quote from the movie (1956); "Speak not to me of blasphemy, man; I'd strike the sun if it insulted me. Look ye, Starbuck, all visible objects are but as pasteboard masks. Some inscrutable yet reasoning thing puts forth the molding of their features. The white whale tasks me; he heaps me. Yet he is but a mask. 'Tis the thing behind the mask I chiefly hate; the malignant thing that has plagued mankind since time began; the thing that maws and mutilates our race, not killing us outright but letting us live on, with half a heart and half a lung."

Chopin Waltz No. 10 in B minor, Op. 69, No. 2



music for sure, but in crossfit games no, do you see it in any other competition this is meant to be the fittest person in the world, it’s an unfair advantage to have music and outside distractions muted via music

We've had the same divisions at our box between grimy hip-hop, hard rock/metal, and electronic. One thing that worked for us was artists like "girl talk" (don't let the name turn you off) who mash up all different genres of music together like the Jay-Z, Linkin Park record and having members bring ipods. Just my 2 cents. Love the blog, Peace.

Czar wants to know if he could play his Miley Cyrus collection, I'm voting for hip-hop and rap.

I think if I have to hear Taylor Swift the next time I work out, I may accidentally throw a kettlebell at the sound system.... But you know Marty cranked that when he worked out alone today! I thought I heard it when I was walking out the door!

Three Days Grace all the way!!!!!!!!

"Riot" is probably my all time favorite song to workout to.... it makes me want to lift heavy (ok heavy for me) shit and break stuff!!!!

Chyna you know you love The good life!

Music is to distract your brain from convincing you to stop doing the WOD, like during the 20 Rep Back Squat Challenge!!

Chyna: Don't let everyone know that Team Weak Sauce, plus Erin love to workout to Taylor Swift!!! Hit PRs everytime!!!

Oh wait, yes on Paua Abdul and Taylor Dayne.

I like to get angry at the weights...I mean pissed off!! So SLAYER,PANTERA,MEGADETH,BLACK LABEL,MM are staple. then there is my 80's rock collection, RATT,BULLET BOYS,VAN HALEN. No hip hop or rap, cant stand that shit, unless it is older like Run DMC,EPMD. Shit like that.


feminist punk

Bluegrass. Nothing gets me moving like some fast fiddlin' !!!

I have two words.... PAULA ABDUL!!!

Dirty Pounding Techno Music!!!!!!!

It's either that or listen to my brain tell me how much the wod SUCKS!!!

I can only listen to Bradass' music if I'm sitting on a beach sipping on some mai tais!

Wonder-Twins love Techno!

YES! When Worlds Collide by Powerman 5000! A classic! :D

First off, I gotta say that every time I hear "Bullet with a Name on it" by Nonpoint.. I get even more psyched up to workout. I love this song.

That said, I think music is a very useful tool to motivate you by facilitating how you feel. In fact, music is used to set your emotions with many things; not just working

out. Music helps set the mood for a scene in a tv/movie. You feel sad/scared/happy/excited depending on the type of music played. Watch a scary scene with the sound

off and it might not feel as scary. Music is used help relax you at spas or meditation clinics. Music not only affects our emotions but it can also get you pumped up. Well

at least it does for me. I've even heard race events disallowing the use of headphones because it adds an unfair advantage (which is crap).

So yes, I would love OneWorld to blast the music. But the problem is not everyone's emotions are tied to the same music. So Nonpoint's "Bullet with a Name on It"

pumps me up but, for others such as my wife, it does nothing but annoy them. And thus, I can understand why some people use headphones. Because even though I

would love the gym to play songs that I've listed below... that would hardly sound fair for everyone else to have to listen to it.

And yet I don't wear headphones at OneWorld and I settle for whatever music there is because I'm a beginner CrossFitter and I need the trainers to tell me if I'm doing

something wrong more than I need to get "pumped up". Plus, the verbal support I receive from all the trainers, "Do it! Get Up! You can do it! Push it! Focus! Rest later!",

is enough motivation to get me pumped up.

Music that motivates me (in no particular order):

Bullet with a Name on it - Nonpoint
Cryin' like a b1tch - Godsmack
No Heroes - Loudmouth
Revolution Man - The Union Underground
Raise Up - Saliva
Broken Promises - Element Eighty
Move - Thousand Foot Krutch
Step Up - Drowning Pool
Famous - Puddle of Mud
Gasoline - Seether
Hopeless - Breaking Benjamin
When Worlds Collide - Powerman 5000
Feel So Numb - Rob Zombie

Basically any rock music that invokes RAGE is my kind of music.

regarding double unders..

This was when I first joined one world and my first WOD that had double unders.

me:hey brad, what's the sub for double unders?
brad:.......double unders.

ha! I joke about it but it really set the right tone from the beginning. Sure, I didnt get through all of the reps and had to do singles here and there but it really forced me to learn.

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