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August 23, 2011


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Freddy & Chyna, Does this mean you guys stopped drinking wine? Please say no.

Chyna, what an inspirational transformation; a leaner, stronger, and powerful Crossfitter; evolving and becoming the first rate version of Chyna. Keep up the great work. I am very proud of you!
I love you!!! Your mom, America

Freddy, thank you very much for mentoring and coaching my daughter Chyna to be the best that she can be. America

Chyna! you're so inspiring! keep at it girl! miss you! :)

great story for all, thanks for sharing!

I had to share this to my sister in New Jersey. Thanks for posting this Freddy.

Eating right definitely changed my health and made a difference with my performance in CrossFit.

Chyna-you are the real "Strong is the new Skinny" model. It's good to know that you are also my kids role model as well.

Great post Freddy and nice work Chyna! I didn't really see my body transform until I changed my nutrition 2.5 years ago. Sure I added some muscle after WODing but it wasn't until my diet changed that I saw the more remarkable results and for me it was going from a skinny Asian to a less skinny Asian guy lol.

Amazing to learn that Chyna is STILL getting even stronger and more beautiful. Great post Freddy...I know I can't keep up my fitness level with age if I can't tame my great love of dessert (and noodles, and bagels ...). Benson- we saw this publicly - KICK the BUTTS!

** everyone not everybody's lol ^^^^^^^^

Chyna u look AH-mazing! And ur an amazing person!

I'm also trying to give up sweets!seems like eveybodys has a sweet tooth. Sugar is the DEVIL!;(

Chyna is simply amazing! A phenon athlete, fantastic coach with a heart of gold!

Plus, she looks better in booty pants than @sushi does!!! ;)

I said it before and I'll say it again... Freddy is my Hero!

Chyna that's a huge difference! I had to double check the photo to cause I barely recognize you...

It's stories like this that make my job at One World Hella easy!

We should have a wall of transformations! A before an after of all the people that changed their lives... Hmmm

This is amazingly inspiring!! This is EXACTLY what I needed to hear right now, thank you so much for posting!

I've been dieting on and off along with CFM programming. There is definitely a difference when I'm eating better and when I'm eating like shit. DDDDDDUUUUUHHHHHH.....

Miss you Chyna!

Hella badass! Thanks Chyna for pushing all of us to do better! Need to lay off the chocolate and sweets myself. LOVE CHOCOLATE! Still want to tone up a bit, lose some cake and still maintain my weight.

Awesome transformation. People don't realize sometimes just HOW BIG diet can be in blocking performance gains. Losing a few pounds can really convert into better power so easily.

If people are looking for some paleo/gluten & grain-free CARBS, check out my latest post for a bunch of options:

I did that specifically to help those looking for PWO foods that will help without being gut irritants/crappy stuff like bread ;)

Enjoy! And keep rocking it, Chyna!!

Great post, I enjoyed the reading the journey of someone that you know. Great work Chyna! Your commitment is evident in your physique. Commitment and mental focus play a huge role in your success in being fit.

She's a stick that lost her boobs. Sounds like @fit.

Outstanding results! Fantastic advice about sticking to the diet AND the workout. I've been guilty of one and not the other for to long. Thanks for the great kick in the pants.

I heart Chyna

That is so awesome! Meeting Chyna last year, she kept telling me that she was "chubby/out of shape" and I didn't believe her. I see the picture, and it's hard to believe she was not always ripped. It is really inspiring, and I know cutting out sugar/wheat products is the only way I'm going to lose weight too... but they just taste so damn good (she says as a chocolate chip cookie stares at her)... and being married to a competitive swimmer (who is totally cut and eats everything in sight) makes it that much harder. Maybe I should just collage these photos and make them my computer desktop for inspiration? Or is that just creepy? LOL


Chyna rocks! and inspires...and is like one of the truly naturally nicest (not put on at all) persons I know. I have seen and heard lots of transformation stories like hers. Say what you will about CrossFit, it is one paradigm shift with fast results. Sorry to parrot the lingo/motto but it is measureable, observable, and repeatable.

I like many CrossFitters didn't seriously get into the diet part (yeah, yeah, even though it is the base of the pyramid/foundation of the program and all that)..and I got great and fast results by just doing the workouts and kind of watching my carb intake. Then 2 plus years later, I have realized that I need to do the diet part as well. Otherwise you plateau and you also feel it when you put crap into your body. My nemesis is sugar as well--so, like I told Chyna, I am watching and rooting and getting inspired by her.

On a side note, I did a health check at the gym in Japan and my body fat was 10%! Cut out sugar and maybe just maybe I will be in the ballpark of the times and scores posted by Brad and Freddy...well, heck, I can dream can't I?

This post is so inspiring. Hearing about Chyna's dedication and commitment to her fitness and health is so awesome! Chyna and Atsushi are two incredible people. In fact, there are so many incredibly awesome people coming out of One World that I can't help but be inspired to want to change my life for the better. I'm determined. Fuck it!!! I AM QUITTING SMOKING! That sounds like no big deal.. but quitting is the hardest commitment I've ever had to make. But hearing about Chyna's focus and commitment to reaching her goals encourages me to do this. Thank you Chyna and One World for challenging me to change my life.

Anna, thanks! Fixed =)

Yes Jen, you were spot

Yea I believe in may 2010 I made a silly comment that you ran away from!!


You guys didn't meet 12/28/10...maybe 12/28/09? I met her at the sectionals in March of ;0)

Great job Chyna! SO inspiring! So I DO have a chance! LOL!!

I typed the wrong date on the publisher. This post wasn't suppose to come up until 4pm. Sorry for the early posting.

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