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November 25, 2011


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Anyone remember that ultra runner who would post 40 rounds for Cindy and 2 minute fran time? Of course she ran 40 miles before coming down to kill a WOD.

Are those squats??? Or hip thrusts??? I CAN'T TELL!!! Are those push-ups??? Or are they ground chest bumps??? I CAN'T TELL!!!

I never miscount my 1 rep max :)

Freddy, if you need a math tutor, you can refer them to me:-) There were times when I felt like I did it some of the workouts a lot faster than others. Hopefully, it's the result of me getting stronger. I tend to do more because I did not feel the results I want to feel, so I just do a little more after the workout (aka running). Like I've learned in the past from OW, CHECK YOUR EGO. I want to kill the workout and have a good time on the board, but I want to make sure that I work on my technique, count right and not do a half ass job. There's always next time, keep practicing.

Freddy is this post a result of "Hip Hop" posting that time for his "Jordan" workout? I dont believe that time either, he had to have missed a shake or a quiver somewhere in there.

This post rings so true. It took me 17:49 to do that 4 rds. 10 pull ups, 20 push ups, etc. workout. In the second round I figured out that I only ran 100m and so had to do 300m in the second round to make up for it. And I kept screwing up the frickin' double unders!! I sounded like Stan.."aw, come on...for real?!? WTF?!?!" I should have done that workout much faster and I felt so lame. At least I counted all the reps. I remember as well during DT a couple of weeks ago, I lost count on the hang power cleans, so I just added 4 more to make sucked, but I was sure I did all the reps. Better that than to feel like I cheated myself.

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