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January 01, 2012


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Decathlon is still better test of fitness, respected worldwide, easy to score, same events, can compare across years, and is not just exercising.

Hey, Ben Brown-(hopefully this is not a troll comment from you but a legit concern/comment-

I personally think that sure, maybe a couple folks do "pharmaceutically enhance" themselves between competition seasons.

You say you "saw one guy in particular at the 2010 CrossFit USA Weightlifting open in Colorado Springs at the 2011 games and he appeared to be quite a bit bigger at the games"

That dude had to "make weight" to compete in his specific weight class at a Olympic Weightlifting event.

There aren't weight classes at the Crossfit Games.If you don't have to make weight, you can be 20 lbs heavier at the games and it might aid your performance strengthwise/powerwise.
Also, many of us cut water weight (which is dumb and risky but sometimes worth it if you have time to hyperhydrate after weigh-ins).

I'm just speaking as someone who has competed in sports where you have to make weight, where I will lose as much as 15 lbs for a powerlifting/boxing/martial arts tournament. It seems like not much to a dude, but on my 5 foot 3 inch frame, is A LOT of weight to lose. And weightlifters will lose sometimes 20-25 lbs 6 weeks out from a meet.

Just food for thought that maybe it's not the 'roids causing weight loss/gain you are seeing.

Spot on, Matt.


I know a few games athletes and they could all go to regionals without even training. The difference between games athletes and everyone else is first, genetics or whatever you want to call their ability to do non stop work, and the second is an unreal work ethic. Ive seen a lot of people with natural ability come in the gym but give up after a few months. Ive also seen people with no natural ability work their ass off for years and I wonder if they could ever work hard enough to make it to the top level. I think not. When it comes the the CrossFit Games you have it or you don't.

I agree with you Freddy. The Games' athletes demonstrate an extraordinary ability to get through the suck not only physically but mentally. They also seem to be able to recover quickly, not just between workouts but in any given workout. They kind of remind me of ballet dancers who make those jumps and leaps look so easy and though they are moving in slow motion. The Games' athletes rarely appear frazzled and don't even seem to be moving that fast, but they post these incredibly fast scores. Time moves differently for them, I guess.

Maybe this is just me letting my imagination run wild, but is it outside the realm of reason to think that some of the athletes are "pharmaceutically enhancing" themselves between competition seasons? Just a thought. I saw one guy in particular at the 2010 CrossFit USA Weightlifting open in Colorado Springs that I saw at the 2011 games and he appeared to be quite a bit bigger at the games. Maybe I'm crazy.

The most interesting aspect of the crossfit games is that people who compete don't do the zone diet or the main page workouts.


What's a good replacement for muscle ups?

Omg squats!!! Nooooooo

Nice post Freddy - I agree that it's only going to get bigger.

Crossfit the sport is much more successful than Crossfit the training regimen. This is fine. The task is defined, and people are still figuring out what the best way to train for it is.

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