Crossfit of Fremont


February 04, 2012


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Too many non-ReeBok shoes in that picture. HQs will not like!

I've had my crossfit nanos for a few weeks already. They're so comfortable and effective! Just watch out for wet areas cause they can slip a little. The review video for the crossfit nano were right on target about the specifications.

@Unkaknown Comic - Last joke was not funny at all. Since you can't spell "Unknown" correctly, it's hard to say whose the real retard!

young man goes to a pharmacy and ask for condoms

pharmacist: which package you want?we have package of three,six,nine and twelve?

young man: Lets see... tonight i got a date with a very hot girl. We will eat with her parents and then go for a walk. I got a felling that we will have sex. And i am sure that if we start she will want more.So give me the twelve.

at night, the young man goes to the girl's home and sit at the table with her parents to eat. The young man insist on saying grace and all agree. He start to mumble the prayer and goes on and on for 5 minutes.Girl whispers to him:

-You never told me that you were so religious?!
-And you didnt told me that your father is a pharmacist!!
A catholic priest and a rabbi are walking down the street together. They see a young boy down a back ally and the priest turns to the rabbi and says lets fuck him! The rabbi replies, out of what?
Q: What is better than winning a silver medal in the special olympics?

A: Not being fucking retarded

If static holds with different arm postions are your workout, then I stand corrected. I guess when those crazy CrossFitters say your workout is my warm-up, they are not kidding.

Matching my intelligence against a troll is so unrewarding =(

My Nanos should be here any day now! Woohoo! I love shoes!

You show a picture of them working out with PVC pipe and then say they are not working out with PVC pipe.

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