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July 29, 2012


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Sadly it just reconfirms that divorce can sometimes be nasty and very expensive. Watching it unfold so publicly isn't very pretty either. One affiliate owner described it as a divorce and they were the kids having to go through it. As it affects their livelihood and what they do and their affect on many people's lives...not sure it is so interesting to watch like a reality show.

That being said, Jahed is right. I would say $50 million is more like it since the business has most likely that growth potential. At this point, like lots of things in America (coca cola and McDonald's) it is all going into the arena of the lawyers.

This is what everybody thinks about literally everything you've ever said and done with your life:

Jahed, I know. I really like the posts on this blog. And I do pay attention to each and every word. Just thought I'd point that mistake out. It's not a big deal!

First Jahed is funny! Second go watch the shit show unfold on Lauren Facebook page --> Im actually looking forward to this 34 year old bumping heads with this old my way is the highway guy. I got the popcorn out, emails between the two are posted crossfitters are losing their minds, shit they could start a reality show. Some russel burgenger guy seems to be stirring the pot he can be the snooky of the show. Actually I have no idea what snookies role is

Also, Jay, Freddy was using Friday the 27th to build toward a narrative demonstrating how popular crossfit has become over the years, and why someone would want to pay $20 million for it. Is this facet of his storytelling lost on you? Perhaps you should improve your reading comprehension before stumbling over your own fingers with far too much enthusiasm, trying to correct everybody's little mistakes that turn out not to be mistakes cause you spent too much of your life licking windows to know the difference.

Staying true to the values that you and Brad set for your business is what I believe is was major component to your success on top of common sense. Showing people how valuable your products and services can be to them and keeping it real creates your reputation and can build on itself. You see and hear a lot of the comments people make about OW (excluding trolls, they're worth less than a pile of shit). I first discovered OW crossfit through Yelp. I read the comments and decide to take a look (You guys got a 5 star rating). The information was correct, and I believe that I got a good return on investment, more than I've expected. I pray that OW continues to grow and prosper.

Jay, your comment is missing two periods and a capital. I thought you were a native English speaker. Are you?

Friday was the 27th. It's good you can read. Pat yourself on the back.

I thought Friday was the 27th. It says monday in the passage above

anyway, cool video

no I mean, in her shoes

otherwise, stick it out and grow crossfit the way you've been doing it, the right way

Then I guess it's a good thing you didn't get invited to the

This conversation would start at $50,000,000 for me, or I wouldn't even take a seat at the table

we've come so

And to think a guy named freddy put my thru my level one paces in a small gym in Santa Cruz called CrossFit HQ. Weird.

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