Crossfit of Fremont


November 29, 2012


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its funny because peytons younger brother has more rings
then him :)

Gotta say I agree w Freddy- we have a highly distorted concept of " fun".
Somehow I always get talked into these things. It was cool to meet & race alongside & cheer & assist & be assisted by other CF box teammates! Benson - you endured those insane conditions as much as anyone else- and was the kind driver who drove O to the hospital though you were starving & muddy & exhausted! Joe- looking forward to seeing u race w us!

This is the link to watch the American Open live.

I'll take the credit for producing the Sili-Kin-World T-shirts. They didn't turn out too bad for the price we paid for them.. (or at least most of them anyways) But I think the name, "Sili-Kin World" was formed by someone else.. from CF Kindred maybe?

Anyways, I banged/twisted my knee sliding down a muddy, completely slippery slope until my tail bone hit a rock... at mile 3!! I had to walk the rest of the way... My legs cramped up many times and Helen and people from CF Kindred (Thank you Cindy) had to give me some of their supply of Electrolyte rations because I didn't bring any. I skipped most of the obstacles including the finish line since I felt I really didn't do the race.

Talk about a miserable miserable Spartan Race FAIL!!! (Fail for me at least)

Meeting and hanging out with tons of new people (as well as old friends) from Silicon Valley and Kindred though was awesome. I would love to do some kind of cross-gym team event like this again. Maybe even do this BULLSHIT FUCKED UP DUMBASS HORRIBLY JACKED UP Spartan race next year so that I can say I crossed the finish.

Oh and to the ladies of OW645 who came, ran, and crossed the finish line like beasts.. I've so much respect and love for you guys. You guys are as truly tough and I'm proud to be part of OW645 with you guys.

Yay, 6:45 crew! I hope to participate next time.

haha it was a lot of fun for sure - shivering and sinking in the quicksand/claymud was a misery at times but overall, we had a great time. btw, we had a shout out from the announcer naming the 3 crossfit gyms. benson named us sil-kin-world which was awesome!

It would have been cool if it wasn't raining, windy and super muddy. I'm never ever ever ever gonna do that again even if it's for free. I will give you permission to use the taser gun and tase me if you see me in this type of race. LMAO

Ha ha ha eye abrasions and hypothermia ??? Sign me up!

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