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July 10, 2008


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Made up WOD on 07/23/2008:

23:21 - 53#

OMG - My wrists hurt!!!

Your performance was off the charts on the C&J! I loved watching you kick that WOD's a$$.

Great job Maria!

Maria im so proud of you. You work so hard girl... Nice job.

Sorry. I don't mean to be long winded. A special kudos to School Boy and Jason K. You talk about working your ass off and not giving up!
Great job everyone! I don't mean to leave anyone out! Freddy will probably ban me from the net if I keep yapping.

Thanks everyone! I had a blast out there. OneWorld's Trainers are an energetic, kick ass bunch of athletes (freddy, chong, Jolie, JOE D!, Bradass, Mia, Austin)!
It was Cheryl who kicked me square in the ass 1 1/2 months ago and pushed me to the heavier weights. I'm glad I listened to her. Ya don't want to piss Cheryl off! I could hear Cheryl yelling in my ear during my ugly session with Grace.
Thanks everyone for your support and very kind words.
Of course, Cheryl, Audrey, Jenny, Tia, Britny, Rita will compete next year! I know Stef and Mia will be there!

+40 crew RULE! -thanks craigh


Sorry mate. I forgot to mention before that the term 'beasted' has been copyrighted by Brad, and there is a royalty fee which needs to be paid when its used.

I've appointed myself Brad's manager, so you can send the cheque to me ;)

top work Maria.. using the new lexicon term you 'beasted' the games.

On a side note, in the pic on Jilly on the mainpage you can see will in the backgroun and one-worlders you...

Hey Maria,
Way to represent One World. You are such an inspiration. Always encouraging others while striving to be a better athlete. I remember when I just started Crossfit you made me feel that I can do this, even when I was the last one to return from a 400 meter run (I am still the last one to return from a run). I totally enjoy the sisterly rivalry between you and the twin (or is it the original and you) sorry can’t get it right. Any way congrats and I totally enjoyed hanging out with you at the games.

Maria if your 44yrs. old that would make Mary.... never mind. Love your intensity, especially when you drop weights on yourself,get mad and then kick the crap out of a workout like you did on sunday during the clean and jerk. Great performance all around!

Way to represent the 40+ crew, Maria! Quite inspirational. A Dara Torres moment.

Craig - Diablo CrossFit (45)

Sorry Freddy, Jeff is making me go to the range and zero in our sights for the Placer County SWAT challenge next week. Wont be able to make it. But I will be sporting a Crossfit One World shirt at the challenge. Gotta REPRESENT!!!

There are a few times in my life where I will pay my Clone a compliment, not because we don't love each other to death but because we are competetive by nature.

In the CF Games she rocked! I was quite surprised she rx'd the clean and jerk because she had never done it with that weight class before. Wow. That took my breath away (she's the first to say Cheryl is the one to be thanked for pushing her to work with heavier weights!).

She is a little powerhouse that inspires me to try harder, push harder. She's even got me training for the games next year!

I am proud of the little Clone.

Maria, you kick a..!!!!!! I am always so impressed with you when I get to see you working out at the gym. You are a major powerhouse in a small package. I love your gutsy tough attitude and the way you push yourself every wod. I knew you would place well at the games and I know you will do even better next year.

I was very proud of you watching you do Fran !! I am sad that I did not get to se the rest of your events, I so glad you decided to do th games.Mary you were looking very good today your pull-up were dead on I can definitly see you doing well next year, Oh yeah thanks for the push at the games,had to give all I could so I would do well for you hehe

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