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July 12, 2008


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It was nice getting to know you and Rita a little bit better at the Games. You did a great job, way to power through those workouts on that Saturday.
And as far as today's workout - you did an excellent job as the demo guy for all those people who showed up.

You did a great job at the games. It was really sweet seeing Rita cheer on her man!
You are a good, solid trainer. Holy smokes! You taught Rita how to do the kipping pull ups in less than a week. She ripped out 8 in a row today!
Awesome effort at the games, Lil' Chris!

Kam (from yesterday),

In order :
Football. Liverpool FC. From 1978, till the day I die!
Test match cricket. Pakistan to rule the world (once we get our best bowling attack back online).
Rugby Union (they don't really play league in Ireland).

Used to play a lot of Gaelic football when I was young, hence the passing interest in Aussie Rules (especially the combined rules games).

Nice way to get us in on a Sunday morning, to then only up the count to 50 on each exercise! This workout was much harder than I expected it to be....thanks for a kick ass workout to hold me over for the next 4 weeks....booohoooo

Smiles, Britny :)


You pulled up a treat from the zoning. Looking great and your results show the hard work..
doing yesterday's .com wod in the morning. I'll see how close I can get to 13 rounds!

- Kam

Chris is such a nice guy. He's the first to help you out when you just can't figure out what you're doing wrong on a pullup. His self-depreciating, awe-shucks manner is indeering. He and Rita are perfect for each other: sweet, normal kids.

Chris did an awesome job at the Games. Wow factor was up. There were some really big bruisers at the games but Chris held his own and smoked most of them at their own game. It is not easy being the 'little' guy competiting in his first games but pound for pound he turned out to be stronger than them. Keep up the great work, Chris!

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