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July 13, 2008


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Hey JD, when Brit gets better she's going t whip ur spartan ass for that last comment! ;-)

FYI I wrote the previous comment, forgot to change the name from Britny to Britny's Spartan King :)

Hey Freddy, sorry for the late comment but Brit handles this stuff. HAPPY B-DAY bro. FYI BRIT surgery went well and she'll be there for at least 2-3 days maybe the week. See you at the gym (I'm coming back don't trip).

Happy Birthday Freddy!!

--From the Kinser Family

20:20 rx'd

S- 21:25
N- 20:45

Happy Birthday Freddy!

Oh and by the way... sorry I was hiding from you all last week. I got a really bad cold.

Does anyone have pictures from last weekend I can steal?

Older guy? 43 is the new 33! Honestly, when I started at One World, I was way off on everyone's ages. I thought everyone was at least 5-8 years younger than they really are... and for some of you even more!... Just another perk of this cult we've joined. I also remember Caroline saying it was a goal of hers to not just be a hot mom... but to be a hot grandma! Now THAT is a GOAL. Keep up the good work Freddy! Happy Birthday!

Just so you guys know, our new friend Samantha worked all the women in her first 500m row today... 1:46. I think Steph used to have the top row at 1:48?? Good stuff missy!

Happy Birthday Fred!! Do not post this when you are 73!!! Ughhh, I will be 71 and I know I won't be doing this workout then...unless you One World trainers force me to! Mia and Chris, thank you for all your words of encouragement and especially for making sure that I am strict on my form. Sometimes I lose focus when I am DYING and I need you guys to remind me that strict form is important or don't do the workout at all. Again, another reminder why our trainers at One World are the best! Hey Chris, when you can I'd appreciate some help on my pullups. Doing one at a time really sucks for my overall time. See you at the box.

Happy Birthday Freddy! Enjoy 43rd wtih the 43 WOD: 43 shots of tequila or 23 margaritas and 20 beers.

Happy Birthday Freddy, you old dog. I have been a long distance admirer of your site. Being a 40 something myself, 48 soon, it's good to see an older guy doing so well. Love the youtube vids you occassionally post. Keep it going.

Happy birthday Freddy. Have a great one brother. Your ability to inspire and motivate is more potent than you know.

Brit, best of luck girle. When you walk back in here with us kicking butt, I'm not going to be suprised. I'll be thinking,'that's Britney. That figures.'

Happy Birthday!! Cancers rock--my B-Day was on Friday. =]


Happy Birthday Freddy, wish you were turning 21 instead.

Britny, wish you a quick recovery so you can get back asap.

Happy Birthday Freddy?? the 43 all makes sense now :)

I was wondering about the 43's... Happy Birthday Freddy, headed to the gym to try this one out!


24:43 - Rx'd

Britny, we are definitely going to miss your sunny smile and great sense of humor! You are an inspiration to all of us. Whenever I think I can't finish a WOD, I think of how much more you have to fight to complete everything. Geez, now you are going to be even more of a powerhouse when you come back. I better train hard so that I can keep up with you!!! Good luck girl, and get well quick! Let us know how things are going.

You are such an inspiration. You kick ass dispite the physical condition you are in! Wow! You are a true Trooper! Hero Mom and Studette!
I'll see you at the pull up bars!


You are a strong woman and I have no doubt you will be back in the Cell a two weeks! Good luck on your surgery and see u back at the WOD!!

Thank you so much everyone. Hopefully the Dr. wont keep me away that long! As you can see from that picture-I can't afford to miss the WOD's :)

Surgery is tomorrow 07-14, in hospital for about a week and then hopefully back to CFOW in no time at all!

Cheers, Britny

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