Crossfit of Fremont


July 12, 2008


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Of the above, the poison is definately Union and Cricket. Don't follow the domestic stuff too much but enjoy the international games..
And yourself? Test, one-day or twenty-twenty?

I did todays .com 5 rounds :( the dam MU subs killed me, Last week I did 7 for the first time and today 0,
Then I proceeded to watch chris kill it 13 rounds w some extra GHDs

Phew, one saving grace for me at the Games is that I didn't tear once. Must have got lucky, I guess...


No probs mate. Brad and I are in the midst of a contractual dispute (for some reason, he seems to think that my 90% managerial commission is excessive, go figure). So, you can hold onto it for now ;)

PS: Kam, I've been meaning to ask that standard question I ask all Aussies. Cricket, Rugby or Aussie Rules? Whats your poison?

Stef, I've tried sparying fake skin on a graze/ callous before and it was painful as all get out!

Rather than using a pummic (sp?) stone, go to your local hardware and buy some wet and dry abrasive paper since I have been using it I have not had a single tear...of an existing callous anyway.

Imran, I'll mail the royalty out for heresaid word that I had not entitlement to use.

Um...that new skin that Austin had me try was awful!!! It burned so bad, and I would not recommend anyone trying it.

Yea Drew, swim by one day and visit!

Now where did I put Mother's bottle of iodine for Stef's hands? JK!

Stef: Hands that only a mother -or husband- can love! You did an awesome job at the games, girl!

In Eric's case, no one could love his ripped palm from the games! Or was it from the games? -just kiddn, bro!

Hey, Drew! Nice to hear from you, buddy! The Evil Twin and I were wondering if you got eaten by a shark down under or something!

Man it took me a long time to get back on here. I'm so jealous of all of you that got to go to the games, I'll have to wait another year to get my first crack at them. At least I have plenty of time to train. Maria you rock girl, keep kicking ass. Will Joe Chong Eric you guys are studs. Scoolboy I wanna be just like you when I grow up. Bradass you're my hero (I still need the krav maga shirt). Austin Jolie Freddy... what can I say? You guys are mutants. Thats all I have to say for now I'll try to stop by more often.

Reporting from Dublin Ireland
The Barefooted Wonder

Hey, I had done some serious pumicing of my hands before the Games. They are all healed up now though.

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