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April 27, 2009


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Get all fired up, grab a mop and clean up that dump! Clean the motherfuckin' toilets!


So this is a "pitching-a-tent" camping? I was just going to sleep in my car but can bring my gear too if necessary.

And are any of you guys meeting up in person to discuss the Qualifiers? If everybody's interested, maybe we could all hold a meeting to discuss the driving/camping situation, the partying, and, if we still have time (haha), the strategies of our WODs.

I would love to camp Sat. night. I'll plan to bring all my gear. I smell a real party coming up.

Hey everyone,

I'll have a post about strategy for the Qualifier WOD's coming up tonight at 7pm. I hope everyone chmes in on comments regardless as to whether you are competing or not.

I've never not finished a workout because of the way I felt or because I was sick, I've definately gone slower or used less weight (i.e. the Grace and 30 m.u.'s wod). Although, I have come pretty close twice (Fran!!).

Hey everyone, they did change the standards for MU, it has to be from a full hang,

Some of my best workouts came from days where I didn't feel like doing the WOD but said fuck it I'll just suffer through it.

If you made it down here you've already sort of prepared yourself to workout. Go for it and I think you will surprise yourself and if you don't you've always got the "I wasn't really into it" excuse in the bag already.

well now that you said BAND!!!!! is it that band from last years games??? they were sick!!! a little bit of Allman Bros and some Lynard Skynard, I just might be down

Just be's supposed to rain Fri and Sat nights. Don't forget the rain fly and be smart about where you set up camp!

I'm so jealous.

Happy Birthday Alex!!
I am 22 too! ;)

I should mention that on Saturday nite, there will be a band and kegs of beer. I am thinking about camping out myself!

Happy 22nd Bday Alex! You don't look a day over 30! haha

As for working out when my head isn't in it...I dunno. I feel that even if your head isn't in it before you do the WOD, you don't have much of a choice once you start the WOD. Yeah, you may not do AS well as other times but the fact that you have to keep telling yourself to push through the workout, I think the WODs make you focus.

And camping out? I've been debating that too. How many people are camping out and which nights? Initially I was planning on driving down there Saturday morning and then driving back that night and then back to Aromas again Sunday morning. But, if you all are camping out there, then I may follow suit.

I'm still debating whether I'm going to camp out or not

So camping...that could be t-r-o-u-b-l-e! But SSOOOO much fun! You guys camping Fri & Sat nights?

Thanks guys I'm now 22; love you guys

Thanks guys I'm now 22; love you guys

What's up with those socks! It must be the new tactical issue or something...

.com Shoulder Press 1-1-1-1-1-1-1


AND THEN.... oneworld WOD



Alex you old dog! Happy birthday!

Alex Happy birthday...

Alex!! Happy birthday, bro!

Happy Birthday Alex !!


We gotta get mike to start wearing black socks to training....

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