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June 16, 2009


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Ha! Stroud is one the main site!

Awesome post on ROM, Freddy!

Can we get video on Eric's 315# high pull this evening?

Hey Freddy,
This is a very good post. I completely agree with it.
I just become a member of yesterday. I did it because it's a good way for me to keep track of my WODs that I perform while I'm in Afghanistan. After I got done posting my workouts from the past couple of days I started looking at the rankings for all the different WODs on the site.
While I am aware that there are some pretty incredible athletes in the Crossfit community, I found myself having a hard time believing some of the times I saw posted.
I remember you saying in a post a few months back that any claim to have a sub 3 minute Fran has to have video to back it up. I think that is totally necessary to have legit claim on a smokin WOD time. And that's why I have hard time trusting the times I see posted there. I am by no stretch of the imagination an elite crossfitter, so this is not to make myself feel better about my shitty "Fran" or the less than impressive number of rounds I rack up on "Cindy". I'm just saying that anybody can go on to and post whatever time they want to whatever WOD they want.
While I'm sure the vast majority of people on the website are posting true, honest-to-goodness WOD times. I'm just saying that the honor system rarely, if ever, holds up. Especially in a situation like this.
Sorry for babbling. I'm on the night shift over here, and I've got all kinds of time to kill.
I'll see you guys in a few months.

Jamie, the fact that you COULD play basketball after Fran shows that you are a monster!!! All I wanted to do after Fran was lie down for a few hours!

Chong is evil..... I friggin fran kicked my ass again.

That video was awesome. I love how it doesn't hold back on the stench of arrogance and conceit.

Great article Freddie. As a CF gym owner, that stuff drives me straight up the wall. Especially the bragging. Time to crack the whip.
BTW - the KB video was priceless. I completely lost it on the facial exertion scene.

I forgot to post yesterday. Fran 3:42 new PR.

I want sub 3:30 then work on sub 3:00 - we all have to have goals!

So, I realize this is a late post about FRAN, which was the WOD two days ago. After FRAN, I felt a mix of emotions. I was glad I completed yet pissed at how badly she kicked my ass. Chong, question?..Did you over hear a conversation I was having with Will on Sunday regarding FRAN and that I had never done it before. I don't know but it seemed too coincidental that FRAN would be the WOD on Monday. So FRAN is the biggest, b!+ch I know and I am still suffering from her wrath. Is anyone else still sore? I am and I guess it didn't help that I went to play basketball for a few hours after completing FRAN. Never again. I am still paying for it now!!! Thanks Chong for programming FRAN, I think. Have we offended you in some kind of way, I mean I take back all the things I ever said about you, which by the way were only nice things. Seriously, great programming!!!!

That is true Freddie...I saw a video of my last Fran and I was really pissed. My pull-ups were not fully locked out at the bottom on some of them. It was a PR for me, but in reality I don't count it, cause of the lack of ROM.

Saul is awesome! I'll try and get a pic to u from Maryland with my oneworld shirt. Just moved here from SF. Already got some strange looks when I wore it out here.

oh yes!

Hey guys - I wore my OneWorld shirt the other day at the BlackBox in NYC. Someone took a picture and the owners posted it on the blog. Glad to see you are getting some publicity here on the East Coast!

BTW Freddy, AWSOME POST!!!! (not counting the KB vid) I agree 110%

lol, the music in the KB vid reminds me of this video:

holy homoerotic kb vid

mike in L.A.

p.s. still straight, despite their best efforts...

Shout out to Saul!!! My fearless leader, coach extraordinaire, fantastic dance partner and BBQ master--love ya! :-)

haha that was a very lame video. kettlebells=sweet, that video=wack. thanks for the chuckle

Wow, early posting today! :)

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