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June 15, 2009


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6:27 for my Fran time yesterday. I think my last time was 7 something so I'm pretty sure this was a PR! I went to eat afterwards and my hand was still a little shaky when I picked up my cup! haha

Isn't that the best feeling though? When you know the workout's over and all the pain you are feeling is because you just pushed your body as hard as you possibly could. After I catch my breath and make sure I'm still alive, I do enjoy it ;o)

That's funny to see that video on your site. That was filmed almost two years ago at the the country club Travis and I worked at. I forgot about that clip completely. This was within the first month or two that I started CrossFit. The shirt I was wearing that day said, "Welcome to the Gun Show" with arrows pointing to the arms. At the time it was my second favorite workout shirt right behind my "Arnold is Numero Uno" ringer.

That would be an awesome shirt!!!

Fran still makes me more nervous than any other workout. But I had a good Fran day yesterday and took a minute off my previous time...Yeah! Plus it was my first "real" One World class. Thanks Will!! Good times. Looking forward to more. You guys rock!

"How far are you willing to go to kick your own ass?"

Quote of the Day...
I want this T-shirt!

My Text to Freddy Earlier in the day: "I am shooting for a sub five legit Fran today".

Freddy's responce: "Good Luck"

2 rd round 10th rep in... "[email protected]!!!! I just want this to be over!!!!!

1 min after.........I could barely breath and I was seing stars with my head feeling like it was going to explode,[email protected] that sucked and I dont want to do this shit again for a long time.

fran what a bitch. if i ever meet a woman named fran she will get a swift jab in the pie hole. although i did do one minute better than my last frantastic adventure. thanks one world xfit :)

I'm not sorry for the burpees guys. After some discussion from some unnamed yet respected folks, I've decided to crack down on all the late comers to my class, as they've become more frequent recently. I don't like making everyone wait, disrupting the flow of the class while the stragglers come in.
I have only a couple hours out of your 168 hour week to train you guys, and I wanna make sure they're done right.
I love and respect all of you gals and guys, but GET TO CLASS ON TIME, PLEASE!

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