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June 17, 2009


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Freddy, Thanks for the video of Bolt on the World Record Sprint. 9.69 seconds, Just amazing, all athletes posing all the way. Incredible performance.

Have Fun, Train Hard,


Here's caption:

"I Love you man but you still can't have my Bud Light"

Have Fun, Train hard,


Also, Playoff Beard clears up a mystery for me as well :-)


You are the first person online to ask me about that!

I'm a huge San Jose Sharks hockey fan...fanatical even. So I grow a playoff beard every year for luck. I know, I know...hasn't worked out so well has it? Anyway, a few people at work started to call me that, so I started to sign my posts on the Crossfit main site accordingly. I guess it just kind of stuck.

Hope that clears up the mystery :-)

Right now we're slated to open right on Village Parkway, at the North East corner where 580 & 680 intersect. We're waiting for the final stages of the permit process to push through. So we're hoping for later this summer.

Will B - where is your new box in Dublin and when do you plan on opening?

Hey Jeremy what is the "Playoff Beard" thing about ?

I LOVE dogs!...and I love anyone who loves dogs (and any other animals, for that matter)! Yes, I have a lot of jokes you crazies! are WAY cuter than me...and a little stronger ;o)

No caption but Lightning will be chewing his paw off when he wakes up next to Will in the morning.

I don't have a clever caption for the photo, but the sunlight glowing through that bottle of Newcastle looks almost angelic.

Mmmm, beer...nectar of the gods.

Caption: In attempting a PR for "picking up bitches" Will made a valiant effort, but was, ultimately, less than successful.

Haha Will! That was a good one. Anyone of those girls are better to look at than me anyway. :-)

In theory I have have a sub three minute Fran. In fact, in theory, I have also video taped it as per Freddy's requirment.

Freddy, just thought it'd be fun. I am very chill and cumbaya. But if you don't wanna participate, than we can always get someone of equal crossfit stature to replace you such as Rita, Allison, Anna, etc.. You ladies available?

Eric..... aren't I always drinking?

What does it mean to "kind of" PR? And "in theory" PR?

You know I love ya brother...

"Applying this Kimura on the dog while holding my beer proves rather difficult...Arrrghh!"

Howww cuuuute!?

and BTW captain smart ass, I did pr my Helen,5k row, Grace(in theory) and Fran (kind of):P

Nice work on the lifting, Eric. Not so sure about the spelling. I am hoping to get down there later this afternoon. We can talk about what mid and lower ab really mean.

Yes Freddy COLLAR bone!!! Mr Smart ass.

I can always tell when you have been drinking :)

yeah yeah yeah.... This was advertisement photo taken for doggy daycare..."WILL WORK FOR BEER!"

Caption: "FINALLY!!! Man, getting this dog's urine sample into this bottle was TOUGH!"

Awww, I like the pic! Happy human, cute dog, beer - all sorts of good stuff! Nothing like a guy who can drink like a pro, kill you with one arm, and snuggle a furry creature- what a great combination!

Caption: "Oh Lightning..I love you sooo much! I wish I could take you home with me! You complete me!"

Will, that's what I love about you! You are a bad ass M*[email protected] jiujitsu guy but have the biggest heart too!

Take care of your shoulder, get healthy and come back to the gym!

and one more thing, There has been some good energy around the gym the past couple weeks, Good stuff!!

Will....what exactly do you have in mind as a workout that we would not be ready to perform? I figure if we all continue to train hard individually, we will be very well prepared to compete as a team. Basically, its going to be all about completing a certain amount of work in a certain amount of time right? I appreciate where you are coming from, but I don't think getting everyone together before the comp is a big deal. Don't sweat it...just be ready to fucking bring it come competition day. Chill out bro. I assure you that everyone on the team will be ready to rock it come competition time. Until then, just train hard.

ALright boys and girls. As far as the team workout goes, so far it's looking as if Sundays, Mondays, & Tuesdays tend to work best, but I haven't heard from everyone. Freddy, Chong, Brian need to chime in so we can nail something down hopefully.

Hey Eric...aren't you an LVN? WTF is a "colar" bone? HAHAHA!



When are you going to post a new 400m run PR? Your strength lifts don't interest me anymore....hehehe ;-)~

I dont really have a caption, yet there's just something about that photo I can't put my finger on. I don't know if strange looking laugh on your face coupled with the beer, the overzelaous hug you're giving poor Lightning or maybe it's the worried look on the poor dog's face. I think really what it comes down to is this: "Note to self keep Will well away from my dog."

Btw, I'm just joking so don't kick my ass Will.


High Pulls , My road to 300 clean
185x3 to colar bone
225X3 to colar bone
255X3 to nipples
275 2X2 to mid ab
300 3X1 lower ab
315 3X1 belly button

Then Hang Power Snatch
190 was tired so last one was kind of shitty

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