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July 18, 2009


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Great job, Jamie! I remember a guy behind me at the games commenting on your torn hands and how you could still be doing all those pull-ups AND stop and change grips while still hanging! amazing!

I will be there next Sunday, Jason!

I am a coffee addict, I always have an afternoon cup that gets me through the 7:15 class, if I go without, I am usually complaining the entire class that I am tired....or is that any different from any other

WOW!!! That was awesome!!

Hey guys thanks for all the congrats!!! I'm still on a superman high from it. Thanks for being there to witness it. Heather my hands... Well they are still a work in progress not totally all the way heeled but much much much better. Thank you to everybody who have shown concern about my hands as they recover. It was definitely a bitch and I'm sure it's probably not the last time that will happen.. I just hope not to that magnitude. Caffeine well not quite my thing. I don't like coffee or the side effects associated with caffeine. Every once on a while I will do tea or green but I like it iced and I can't have it in an empty stomach it just makes me feel horrible. Heather boxing very very soon and thanks for the invite. Don't worry if I win the money I won't forget those who helped me and was there to witness my first one;>)).


Sorry to miss you today Jason! I hurt my wrist Friday and I am letting it recover. I'll be there with bells on next Sunday.

Jamie!!! Congrats, way to go girl! Your torn hands must be feeling better. I'm next for sure! Hey text me and let's go boxing.

Hey Freddy,

We just had our affiliates one year anniversary party last night and celebrated with a BBQ and the One World Century. We had 5 people start and 4 finish with one puker (and that was one of the finishers!). A good time was had by all. I hope we did One World proud. Here is a link to our blog with pictures of the fun:

Toby Shell
CrossFit Fusion

Great job Jamie!! It was sooooo awesome to see you get your first (then second and third) muscle-ups!! You are a studette! Go get that $$$$$!

On the pic...Chong just needed a little catnap (for a few hours...)

On caffeine...yes, I will take some please.

I wonder what is tougher the CrossFit Games Chipper or Filthy Fifty. Chris, can you try both of them and please let us know?!?!?!

Awesome Job Jamie!! Remember, we all get a cut in the $700.00 after you crush your first 30 Muscle-Ups!!

Doing filthy fifty around 630 tonight if anyone wants to join

Sunday WOD:

5 Rounds for time of:

15 cal row
15 box jumps
15 kettle bell SDHP
200 meter run


Jason - So sorry I didn't show. I ended up waking up at 9am! I'll definitely try to make out next time.

On coffee... Sadly, I'm a coffee lover. And a latter lover. I just love the smell of coffee. It might be a genetic thing. I'm not sure. I do know that as I get older, my tolerance for caffeine seems to be going down. So no more than a latte a day for me. Any more than that, and I start passing out warning notices.

My love of coffee has nothing to do with workout performance or staying awake. I just think everyone is entitled to at least one vice ;)

What happened to my Oly class?!? Thanks Pat, Maria and Mary for coming to class today.

I'm on drugs!!!!

Freddy it's funny you mention coffee as it was very hard to come by at the Games site!!

My rule of thumb is don't fuck with your body chemistry.

Not that I never have caffeine, but I intake very little - especially since I have reduced my intake of Coke to small amounts (less than 8oz) maybe once a couple weeks. I used to allow myself one 12oz Coke a day. I don't drink tea very often and I never drink coffee.

Now caffeine is pretty harmless, but I think the real danger is having it become a crutch. If you can't get going in the morning without it then you're an addict - let's be honest here. I seem to be able to get going without it and I am not a morning person at all. I think if you're tired in the morning then you need to fix you schedule so you get the right amount of sleep.

If you're caffeining up then you're just obscuring the problem. It's still there, but you're no longer aware of it. That's a form of self delusion. I've been trying lately to work it in the other direction.

Be well.

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