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August 26, 2009


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I really liked this blog, very well prepared and with good topic of discussion.

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Those shoes look like they were flown in from the FUTURE.

Mr. Vibram,

Five fingers were also mentioned as a favorable shoe along with Chuck Connors and Vans. Unfortunately, I don't allow five fingers at One World because they creep me out. Haha! Just kidding.... :-)'re in San Diego?? SO jealous!!
See ya'll tomorrow!

Hey Bro, you know the most functional shoe is the Vibram Fivefingers, right?

Hey Jen and Will,

Jen just wanna say congrats on ur clean pr today. Great job and thanks for all the support during those MUs. Will I appreciated ur help and support as well and congrats on the progression of ur box. I'm excited for you. See u guys when I get back from San Diego.

Hi Lancaster!!

Since this is my first time programming, at the end of training if people could sound off on what they liked and didn't like it would helpful.

Will, i'm interested.

how about those camo OTM shorts fOOk?

sounds cool Will but will there be heavy lifting involved? lol, seriously though, it sounds fun.

I got Jordans for sale :)

unfortunately Lancaster, there is no cure, except maybe more crossfit

Finally a freakin' rest day... I think I've been in the gym for 7 consecutive days now...

My name is Lancaster and I am addicted to Crossfit.

Anyone interested in doing an adventure race in San Fran September 26th? Check out for details.
"this amped up, crazy event will have you run-bike-paddle-climb and perform other crazy athletic stuff across the city challenging your mind along the way."

Seems to pretty light hearted for the most part. Never done one before, but I've been wanting to try this one for some years now. Teams of 3, men, women, or co-ed, need to complete al the tasks assigned. There is a registeration fee, and need to raise a pledge amount of a minimum of only $100. An after party to follow immediately afterwards. Anyway, if anyone thinks this sounds fun, let me know.

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