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September 02, 2009


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I ran that shit Snitches!

cage fight and purple spadex for both athletes... It will be a close call but my money is on Annie (she can cream you with that withering, disapproving mommy look)...

First Neil vs. James, now Neil vs. Annie

Ohhhh neil.... annie callin you out.

Cute Neil. Is it loose lips that sink ships or the crew members who wussed out on part of their training? Ha Ha Bring it!

No shit huh Neil, Annie had to dime everyone out. I have a good excuse, I hate running :)

Loose lips sink ships Annie.

I have a good excuse...I was training a new employee so I couldn't go to the 4 or 5:15 class. Then James, Lauren and I went to the Def Leppard & Poison concert!!! F*@K YEAH!!! So fun! 5K run is on my "to do" list, promise.

Looking forward to today's WOD!!

...and scary a$$ video Freddy! Yikes! My prayers are with those men and women daily.

Sick with the flu - wish I could work out.

The noon class was luckly enough to have Raz following us on the 5K run on his squeaky beach cruiser bike...I felt like I was re-living the movie Friday..Luckly Raz didn't try to take my money or I would of had to knock him the F**K OUT!!

Acutally, it was cool to have Raz motivating us on the run, THANKS!!!


Check out I will be posting about it tonight. It's a great way to compare yourself to others, and it's free!

Really? Only 16 people ran the 5k? I guess it will be coming up again VERY soon.... I'm not buying the "too sore" from Time Trials v2.0 excuse either ;-)

I showed up for the 5:15 class and roller skated instead-with all intention of running during the 6:15 class. Got my running shoes on and couldn't move! My legs are killing me-Shins and R Knee are zapped! Needless to say that ice and stretching haven't done much to help them-so might have to skip out on today's WOD too :( but thanks Chong on great Pose training :)

375 DL? Psh, the blanket I sleep under weighs more than that...

I'll fess up, Annie. I ditched the WOD today. Big time.

I was creamed by time trials (run was the same but I improved my pullup time by 2 minutes, row, pushups, squats and situps by a couple of seconds)....

Oh, and did I mention I hate running? :)

Congrats to the 16 peeps who showed up for the 5k today! My time was 26:20, a pr!Thanks to Chong for the awesome coaching on POSE running. 47 people at time trials yesterday, 16 people for 5k today. What happened to the 30? ha ha ha

For those of us following One World programming in cyberspace, can you post the results from the Time Trial V2.0? It would be great to see if the program worked at an affiliate, compared to my garage in phoenix.

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