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September 01, 2009


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Good post. One of the big thigs I got from the CFE Cert was the amount of technology in our shoes and how they can really hinder our proper biomechanics. It is completely natural for your body to supinate or pronate, because most of us have never been TAUGHT how to run... we just went and did it. I have worked up to 3/4 mile of Pose running in the last 3 weeks since the cert, and am thoroughly convinced that MOST of our issues come from improper running form, not from improper foot wear.

Most of the issues are correctable (even though the shoe companies would have you think otherwise) through proper technique training and correcting the proplem rather than the symptom. Here is a link to a pretty cool article about running shoe technology:

Enjoy the article and thanks for your post. Congratulations on your Marathons Dan! That's an amazing accomplishment! Keep up the good work, and when you're ready, talk to one of the OneWorld Trainers (Chong, Jennifer, Freddy) about how to Pose Run... it may take all of those issues away!

Love the new computers.

Alex, is that the shirt they gave you at the Nutrition Seminar?

Krispy Kreme RULES!

I just wanted to share something that really helped me with distance running. I was training for a marathon and started getting all sorts of pains in my knees, ankles and shins (even from 5k). Eventually I went to a specialist running shop - fleet feet in SF I think. They analyzed my biomachanics, and fitted me with the correct trainers for my foot mechanics. From that day on I have never suffered any pain from running. During marathon training I built up to 20 mile training runs without a single issue.

I know this sounds ridiculous to most crossfitters but I even started to like running!!!!!

For the lucky few that have neutral biomechanics you could probably run in flip flops and remain injury free, but most people either pronate or suppinate and for those people the right shoes are megga important.

Disclaimer: I'm no expert - thats just my experience..............

I'm assuming the class will get lots of instruction in the POSE running method. I would love if so.

This guy won the last Fish Game event at CFOW:

I really love my Inov-8 shoes (f-Lite 230). If you don't have a pair, then run in the shoes that you always run in.

Have fun!

Freddy or Chong or whoever, if I'm just starting to learn pose running what shoes do you suggest I run the 5k in? I'm guessing running shoes instead of DC's, or my shins will be wrecked?! I'm still not always on the balls of my feet and the 5k is a long run.(for me)

I'll admit that I've pussed out more than a hadnful of times when seeing the 5K posted but I finally pushed myself to do it last month and it SUCKED! But after doing this run, I now know what my baseline is and I can only strive to improve on it! Good luck!

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