Crossfit of Fremont


September 22, 2009


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Stripper name: Janku Tiger

Could you hear that announced at a Chippendales! Lol!! Eric, your name automatically qualifies you for a gay strip club.

Stripper name: Digger Hillcrest

I got the book today on ebay will let you know what I think of it.

Paleo Diet for Athletes and The Paleo Diet book's right now.

After consulting the CFOW blog for the past few days, im convinced that Freddy has a slight obsession with strippers ;). Just come out and say it Mr. Camacho... You're leaving the world of CrossFit to pursue your dream of becoming a stripper. I'm only kidding. One World kicks ass and is the "party box". Kind of like the Chico State of the crossfit world.

Stripper name - Augie Mulberry

Dr.Hyman's book - I read one of Dr. Hyman's book called the Ultra Mind Solution. Similar in content except delves into how what you eat leads to a host of mental conditions such as depression, ADD, etc. Highly recommended; this guy is good.

Today's WOD - R U effin kidding me? Even though my back is still bothering me it has gotten quite a bit better (I found a good accupuncturist), I was thinking I would scale a work out to see how I felt. There is no level of scaling to this workout that would prevent some serious issues from reoccurring for me. Good luck everyone!

stripper name Sam Ironwood

Lol!! Chris, I am going to do a Olympic comp sometime in mid Novemeber but dont know where it is.

Grant, they're kind of like knees to elbows only you've got to hit your toes to the bar. They're pretty easy...if your an Olympic gymnast.

What is "toe to bar"? What is the substitute if equipment is not available? Thanks.

Ouch...just 'cause your teams lost on Sunday don't take it out on everyone else!

Brad, what were their times? Other than the hang power cleans (wrist), I think I may be able to do the rest.

i watched freddy and cheryl finish this wod before the 6:30 class, we're all in for a treat today


Not sure where it is but it is mid November.

Thank HEAVEN, I am a giant pussy and in law school....oh wait... no... I want to do this one!! It's is going to be brutal!

I hate my life!!

Thank HEAVEN I still have that muscle strain from Heavy Fran...This is going to be a mental one...

Is it April 1st already??

Hey Stroud are you training for the oly competition in sac town? I was thinking about training for it.

Hope work gives me a break and can make it in for this WOD!!!!

You know Chong and Freddy were laughing their asses off when they came up with this one....At least I would if I thought of it!

This should be fun.

..freddy hates us.....

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