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September 12, 2009


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Congrats!! I'd love to drop by and suffer through a wod!
Opening your box on Gabby's birthday...that really is a good sign!

Congrats Will I know you have been waiting a long time for this to happen. I know you will do great out there.

Yeah Will! I am so happy for you!

Will - Congrats Brother!

I live in Dublin so you can expect that I will be there!

Take care, see you soon
Brian Guernsey

Congrats, Will! What time is the grand opening? I'd love to attend if I can. Lots of luck and love to your new box!

Will, congratulations :)

PS: "shit eating grin"? You smile when you eat shit? Seriously?

PPS: I haven't eaten shit, so I really shouldn't comment. Maybe it does make one smile :)

I just wanted to say to all my One World bretheren how much I've appreciated the roles each and everyone of you have plaid to help me achieve my goal of fitness. From great coaching, to the sharing of ideas, to the epic battles that have taken place, you have all had a hand in making me a better person, father, friend, and athlete.

My box, CrossFit CSA in Dublin will be officially opening its doors on Monday the 14th. A good omen, I imagine, as that's my lil girl's 2nd birthday. I've been busting my hump to get everything in working order, and truth be told still have a list of things to do.

As of this moment, I will still be able to handle the coaching duties at my tue/thur noon classes. But in general, the obligations of running a place such as this will limit my time at One World significantly.

Any of you are welcome in my new home, 7300 Village Parkay Dublin, CA, and will always have a standing invite. It is my goal to deliver top-notch fitness programming to whomever walks through my door, to make stars out of each and everyone of my clients. I aspire to create and maintain the high standards of instruction, and friendship & comraderie, that I've grown accustomed to at One World.

you guys are amazing. Seriously, I'll be coming home with an ear to ear, shit-eating grin on my face if I can get the athletes and people that have half the integrity, work ethic, and approach to life as all of you.

When I tell people about CrossFit, and how I've found the best thing I've ever experienced, I'm not referring to a site with a bunch of videos and WODs posted on it. I'm referring to and picturing you guys and gals.

I won't be able to attend tomorrows Sunday session as I normally do, due to last minute preparations for Monday.

Freddy, thank you brother. Not only for this opportunity, but for the many other things you've helped me out with and coached me along the way.

I have something specific I'd like to say to most everyone, but I wont take up any more space here. Thanks to all of you.

"Sure you can fraction the reps and make it feel a little easier and still get a good time; or you can not be afraid and get uncomfortable." -- OPT

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