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September 16, 2009


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TJs is a great place to go for beer as well. You can mix and match as much as you want and the prices are really low.

You're way off on the pricing. One big thing you can say against TJs is they're owned by some socialist German brothers. They have an unusual pricing model, often called "cost plus." They use the exact same markup on every item they sell. The buyers very aggressively shop, seek, negotiate for good prices, and are pretty damn successful.

The misimpression comes from the fact that most chain groceries engage in "loss leader pricing." And, actually, this changes per the local demographics. Loss leader pricing is most effective in wealthy areas. The funny upshot of this is that wealthy people can, and generally do, spend a lot less on their staples --- meat, dairy, bread, juice -- than will be found in neighborhoods where the shoppers do NOT buy items with high price markups / profit margins.

Anyway, Trader Joe's actually has significantly better prices on a lot of valuable items.

And their Kefir is the best you can get in the USA.

If you like yogurt, you MUST try their Mediterranean Cheese Style Yogurt, or Greek Style yogurt. It's the bomb.

The marinated ahi tuna steaks are also fantastic, as are most of their fish and prepared fish dinners.

Freddy, you should start using TJs to stock the beer in the mythical One World beer fridge. It will be cheaper and more varied.

Freddy I agree with you on the sub par meat meat selection at Trader Joes! As far as red meat goes, still think Costco is the way to go!!!

Like Brad, I enjoy the Hawaiian shirts there too. This has nothing to do with the debate but I hit on a cougar clerk @ Trader Joes once. I was spittin' my game and she was like "Ooo boy you made my day." My response? "I can make your night too if you let me." She smiled and charged me full price on everything...

I shop at TJ mostly for my kids stuff. My kids are dairy free and sugar free but not gluten free. I get the sprouted barley flourless bread for thier sandwiches, and the sprouted wheat tortillas for burritos, Brown rice tortillas, Raw nuts, dried unsweetened fruit, Raw almond butter. Frozen veggies and fruit are a good price there..... Don't get this mommy started......I also like thier bagged lettuce... Yes, I'm the one with the cart full. (I meant the cart full of kids.) Good now I wrote my shopping list for the week! Never have even tried thier meat cause I can't find it. Never thier produce cause I can't afford it. It's definatley a once a week stop for our family of seven. The organic sugar crap I don't understand. Sugar or organic sugar . It's all the same crap.

I was just in your store Tuesday! You may be selling my book, Silicon Valley/Santa Cruz EcoMetro Guide I'm talking to Sandy about it. The Campbell and Los Gatos stores are selling it. I'll look for you next time I'm there! is a great store!
I like TJ's and WF for the vegetarian and organic options too! Yay!

Yes Whole foods is better :-) their is only one tattooed/ pierced multi colored hair girl in my store and I work in Nutrition at the Cupertino store :-)
You're right the closest store is Palo Alto and it's small and the selection is not great. I know I worked there for 8 years. I have been at the Cupertino store for almost 2 years been with the company 10.
We have many wheat free gluten free products in our store since I am a vegan and wheat and gluten free too.
If your ever in Cupertino stop by it's a great store.

Things I buy at TJ's:
- Frozen veggies and fruits (awesome and cheap)
- Nuts! (like Freddy said)
- Pollo Asado (raw, ready to grill)
- Guacamole (da bomb compared to anywhere)
- Wine
- DARK CHOCOLATE!! (by far the best selection for the price)

Things I do to avoid butt rape:
- DON'T BY ANYTHING ELSE. The deserts will kill you slowly. Produce is way overpriced.

"...butt rape..." lmfao!!

Coscto for meat and veggies TJ's for wine and nuts. Seriously cheap almonds, I love the dried unsalted for $4.99. The dame thing at the grocery store is $9.99 a pound.

I like Trader Joe's fresh vegis, frozen pizzas and baked pies. My rug rats love the samples. Their merchandise is not as extensive as some of the other stores but they carry lots of items I have never seen in other stores, especially during the holidays.

Well put Dan.

Every place has their down side.

I like Trader Joe's because my berries are cheap and tasty there. I can get my nuts for less than an arm and a leg and they don't try and salt the hell out of every bag. It's a smaller selection so I can get in and out quickly, the antithesis of Costco, and not be faced with a million specials or deals which we all fall victim to now and again.

Farmer's Markets are cool, but if something is horrible i cant take i back for a refund.

Pros cons everywhere you go.

Trader Joes is not a one stop shop but where is? to get the best prices and quality you have to shop at several different stores and take the best that each has to offer. Thats always been the case.

Hey that tattoo girl checked me out three days agao.

unless you want free food then Trader Joe's has relatively decent pricing...If you do some cost averaging for the year, Trader Joe's is cheaper than the big wigs in the bizz. I agree that the meat selection sucks but I like getting a bag of granola that doesn't cost $9 for 16oz.

As for the claim of being a health food store....I worked there for many years and no one I knew who shopped or worked there thought of it as such. Only the newbie shoppers entering the store made that claim and for whatever reason, it sticks.

There is something to be said for the old time butcher...

Being from a rural area, I don't know anything about Trader Joes. However, being from a rural area and having been to a livestock auction barn or two, I can tell you where the crappy meat comes from.

They are called weighups and they go for about 50 cents a pound nowadays. Let's just say they are a little past their prime. Like ten years past. Yum.

I like the Hawaiian shirts the staff wears

When in Cali we were looking for healthy food so we went to Trader Joe's. I am going to have to agree - the place SUCKS!!! We were looking for Paleo food - meat, produce, nuts etc. The meat selection was terrible, the produce was ridiculously priced and it didn't stay fresh very long. We also visited Henry's (I think that is the name) and they had some great fruit, lara bars, coco water, etc that was all Paleo.

In Texas we go to whole foods all the time. They over "organic" food as well, and their produce is very over priced, but they have a HUGE meat and fresh fish selection and it tastes REALLY good and is reasonably priced. They also have some good stuff like Paleo friendly ice cream, 80% cocoa chocoalte, coco water etc. We get produce from Sam's club (Costco equivelant).

No Trader Joe's here in Denver. From people around here I thought it was the 'end all be all' store. Glad for a different perspective.

We have Sunflower Market and Whole Paycheck - I mean Whole Foods. Sunflower - great fresh fruits and vegtables reasonably priced. They also have a lot of different chicken sausage and little pork sausage. That's just not right.

Whole Foods? I can't afford to go in there.

Meat selection? Go to Costco.


If Freddie thinks Trader Joe's is overpriced ...

(which it is for the bulk of your food shopping, you should get your dead animal chunks from a quality butcher, and get your dead vegetable matter by the truckload from CostCo or FoodMax)

, then I dread to read what he thinks of Whole F$$ds.....

Besides, I love Trader Joes. Where else can you get 10 pound bars of Dark Belgian Chocolate (I'm not kidding, 10 POUNDS). I nearly died and went to heaven when I saw that last Xmas!

I'm too tired to even comment tonight. Freddy, the other post you were considering would have been way better...LOL!!

i'm confused... freddy is complaining about tattoos?

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