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September 28, 2009


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That looks scary, but amazing!

I hate of 150 (55/50/45) for the WOD. Damn, that was brutal. Had the whole "runner's cough" and stuff too!

Manny needs a make over also... The Clone made me say that... :)

Manny wants a makeover also...

Why were you watching that show again?!

Yeah...years ago another doc told me to stop doing pull ups for elbow tendinitis. I told him I will deal with it and not stop. This time it was related to my ganglin cyst on my wrist. Told him most likely from all the cleans I do, that's when he told me that he recommends only cardio above 40 and to lay off weights. He probably would freak out if I told him all the other stuff we do.

Trace, your doc is an idiot.

Too right Jason - there are soooo many benefits to lifting weights for anyone over 40. If I had a doctor, and he said something that stupid to me, I would probobly never take anything he said seriously again.

Wow, I've never heard that before. I have read that the number one way for women over the age of 40 to prevent ostoperosis is to lift heavy weights.

Trace - your doctor said no working out with weights after 40!!!! I can beleive a doctor actually said that.

That pretty much sums up whats wrong with the medical system in this country! the only thing most family doctors are good for is writing perscriptions for preventable illness and lining the pockets of the insurance companies.

Ooooooo - it makes me mad!

I have to agree regarding the post by Freddy. Amazing how more confident I am after doing Crossfit the past few years. And it's not like I did not work out before. I believe what matters is the structure (daily goal) of the wod and the results you see and feel.

Had my physical yesterday and my doc told me that he does not recommened working out with weights for guys over 40. I told him I'm not planning to stop. And also he told me to drink red wine instead of beer. Ouch.

As always love the posts in One World

A WOD I can do at my hotel! Thanks Freddy. Although this hotel has a C2 rower so I was going to to a 5 round 500 m row and 30 pushups...I hate burpess and pushups equally! I was going to try and make it to Crossfit Essex but its too far from London.

A;ready looking forward to being back at One World!

Cort, I think you missed the point of the post......

And, yes. There is a problem with wearing "frumpy clothes and no make up". How many guys have said "dude, check out the possibly hot chick with no make up on and wearing her dad's pajamas." It's a sign of not caring.
How many times have you gone to a local store and seen a husband and wife where the wife is wearing a Nascar shirt and camouflage shorts. I'll bet you any money the guy is walking around like a miserable zombie.

Anna, yes....scary you know all of that. I just typed "before and after makeover" in google and that's what came up. :-)

That picture at the top is from "Extreme Makeover" from years ago, where they do plastic surgery, teeth replacement, etc to make them look "beautiful". There were some amazing transformations on there, but most were superficial. I don't remember them working out a whole lot, but I do remember the graphic pictures they showed of the procedures. I think it was like a 3-month process. At the end they had a beauty pageant. I think the tall redhead in the back won.

Oooo...scary that I know all that.

Okay Freddy, that was hilarious.

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