Crossfit of Fremont


September 01, 2009


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that looks like fun, but the waterfall trumps the swamp hike anyday!!!

Don't fall in the swamp or you'll catch Leptospirosis!

My sit ups, row, and push ups were a bit slower. However, the run, pull ups, and squats made up for it.

I felt stronger and recovered faster with the heavier regiment.

Flip side, the joints took a beating from the heavier weights.

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I puked... EFF the time trials... I came home collapsed on the floor blacked out and woke up a half hour later... I'm looking forward getting back to the regular schedule whatever that means.

Before After
Pull-ups = 11:57 14:44
Push-Ups= 10:40 8:09
Sit-ups = 6:39 4:58
Row = 1:48 1:49
Run = 1:19 (ASICS) 1:23 (in Skate Shoes)
Squat = 4:05 2:54

Ohhh... Well that's not nearly as funny as what I thought you meant!

time trials went well today! a couple others and i at the 12pm felt this time was a lot tougher! but i believe a lot of us beat our times from last month :) so tougher = pushing even harder!

i personally still didn't feel super accomplished since my row time was the only one i did slower (a TON SLOWER - last exercise left to do) my whole body was beat trying to beat all my other times. in the end i still beat my time by 1:01 :) but still no excuse to slow the row! next time!

:D good luck to everyone in the evening!

Jeez Chris, Cut a brother some slack! Lara was right.... Hold onto my backpack, not carry my backpack.

Posted this late last nite even by Hawaii time since it took forever for the vid to upload and process. That being said, I forgot to tell everyone good luck today during time trials. This ends our 30-day strength biased programming. I am curious to see everyone's results. Please post to comments and let me know how it went.

"Hold on to the pack" (while still on him) she didn't fall!

Looks like fun...and my favorite part was the epiphany that was, "swamp disgusting."

Remember to bring watches today

"Why don't you carry my back pack" ... and walk across the narrow ridge right before the car. I always knew Freddy was a gentleman!

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