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September 17, 2009


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I can guarantee that Manny agrees with everything that Rita says.

I just did Helen and every time I breath out I taste blood. Is that normal? ....oh.....and that's why I love Crossfit.

What is CrossFit? Glad you asked.

CrossFit is the closest thing a regular guy or gal can do to achieve special operations fitness without going to combat. (For the civilains out there)

Sold yet?

Also CrossFit is a way of life...It will change your life and your outlook on performance and fitness. At the same time give you the confidence and drive to go head first at anything...physical or mental.

More information?

CrossFit will make you super bad without the shame of dieting and aerobics...


Czar is a troll too. He probably knows the P90X guy.

I agree with Rita....but I'm still waiting for my sexy.

BTW, P90X uses movements such as bicep curls and lateral raises. When do you ever lift heavy loads like that in real life?

Besides, I prefer watching Sweatin' to the Oldies, Hip Hop Abs, and Sit & Be Fit anyway.

Simply put, CrossFit is a highly effective fitness program. It's an excellent way to reach your fitness goals by using movements you can use in real life and the workouts are different from day to day.

The actual workouts are usually performed within 30 mins. because they're done at high intensity. However, they can be scaled to your current fitness level to suit your needs. I've worked out side-by-side with people of varying abilities from athletes to seniors and even pregnant women, but I always feel like I get a great workout.

The natural movements involved allow you to physically do everything you want to do whether it be excelling in your favorite sport or picking up your great grandkids when you're 90 years old. These exercises will improve your quality of life now and for days to come.

Last but not least, Crossfit can be done individually or in a group setting. With a group, you have coaches and classmates to help give you instruction and push you to your potential. Thus, making it a great place to make friends and meet new people.

CrossFit is effective, useable, and best of all fun. Now who can say all that about 24 Hour Fitness or P90X?

I just saw so much love about Crossfit, but I thought I'd zone in on some One World love. Can I just say that One World rocks? Thanks for having me be part of the madness!

The PX90 guy is a Troll, ignore him.

And it gives me monkey strength

ps. don't tell my wife, she thinks she completes me!

also it gives you crazy monkey strength

ps. don't tell my wife - she thinks she completes me:-)

Crossfit completes me.......

Jamie!!! Where have you been???? We miss you!

Not that we need to defend speaks for itself. Plus you workout with a group of likeminded people who look forward to competing against themselves, the clock, and other athletes... It truly is the sport of fitness as so many have said!!!! Ok thanks I'm done now!!!

When asked about Crossfit, I usually say "hmm where do I begin"? After that I begin by saying that Crossfit is a functional fitness/lifestyle program that allows you to push yourself in a way that you have never done before. Crossfit further offers the individual the opportunity to work towards fitness goals through offering non-traditional non-Arnold S. type workouts. Crossfit is like having a personal trainer right there with you coaching you through all the movements. Crossfit covers a wide range of fitness points that helps you the athlete become proficient at many different aspects of fitness. Then I conclude by asking them what they think fitness is and then the conversation goes from there.

P90x comment....I'm not sure if this dude just wanted a response and was not possibly serious or if he is totally ignorant of what p90x really is. Dude it's sold on an infomercial..."but wait if you call now within the next 2 secs we will throw in our handy dandy buns blaster...."but wait if you call within the next 3secs and you are the 2nd caller we will throw in our abs blaster... " if you are not totally satisfied with our product in one day please keep the bun and abs blaster as our gift to you.

I have the DVDs and let me explain to you how I ended up with them. One morning I could not sleep so I turned on the television. It was about 4:30 in the morning. Low and behold Tony and the beachbody crew was on the tv telling me how much this exercise program would do for me in just "90days". So looking for change from my regular routine, which I felt I was in pretty decent shape, I decided to get sucked in by the infomercial and spent the money to purchase it. I received it popped it into my DVD player and I had a workout I could complete in my home with no one watching to see how my form was. This was ok for a time.... Until I heard about Crossfit. Now my p90x DVDs are collecting dust on a shelf and not being used. P90x is varied the first time you go through but that's it. Where do you go once you've completed the DVDs!?? Dude I challenge you to bring your scary ass into crossfit one world and let's put your p90x to the challenge. If it's working for you great and continue, perhaps you can be crowned the most fittest Henry in all of p90x land. And as so many people have said before in previous responses.. Did we mention the Sunday session at one world is "free" so you don't even have to pay to get your ass kicked we will do it on the one world floor for free. Best wishes...p90x guy!!!

I simply say it's conditioning for professional athletes, and it's amazing.... oh, and all the boys are half naked and sweaty.

It doesn't get much better than that. If I'm going to suffer I at least want some eye candy. :-)

If you think highly of P90X, here are a few other quality fitness options to consider:
1. The Thighmaster
2. 8 minute abs
3. Electronic Ab belts
4. The Hawaii Chair

If P90X is so great...then why are you checking the CrossFit One World site? Just saying...

CrossFit = Doing a buncha a shit 'till you feel like dying.... it's fantastic.

Checking your site out from the 'D'. I did helen this a.m. too, loved it.

If i was a hot chica from one world, my response is: 'I am Crossfit, what do you think'.

But since i'm an old guy with three kids, crossfit keeps me in better shape than anything else out there. If they still look interested then i blast them with the functinonal movements, high intensity, always varied elevator pitch.

I'm usually at a loss to explain Crossfit, to family and friends. The women usually give that lame excuse how they don't want to get bulky and the men think it's cool but don't come, and that's after explaining it to them for awhile. Anna, I gave up on the elevator pitch, all my responses came out too sarcastic.

Henry, really is the P90x comment a punchline to a joke that I didn't hear? Really dude, P90X has Crossfit written all over it. That guy just repackaged it and tried to macho it up for the soccer moms and overweight-used-to-be-something dads. It just looks like Amway. But keep buying in and maybe you'll convince yourself that you're fitter because of it.

Btw, Yes Kneel does like it kneel and to munch it. I have to give you props there, you called that one.

Crossfit makes people sexy!

I did P90X 2 years ago before I found CrossFit. P90X is good, but the cycle still repeats every 90 days. Not constantly varied and it does not expose you to olympic lifts or running/rowing workouts.

After doing P90X for 4 months, I was on my ass the first week of CrossFit. Henry, you are fool thinking P90X is legit. Grab your sack and try a CrossFit workout.

Seriously....P90X? Any workout you can do via a DVD in you living room is only gonna take you so far.... Just saying.

When people ask what is crossfit and why do you do it....the only answer really is I m training for the revolution....and when the aliens come they will eat the weak ones do crossfit!!!!

I allways say that it´s a constantly changing fitness workout combining, running, rowing lifting weights, such as dumbells olympic weight lifting, jumprope etc. scalable for everybody.

What I also say is that it´s a training at a heigh intensity AND that the actual training (WOD) is usually short, but that you've done a lot in that "short" period.

I live in the Netherlands and dont´t have a real dedicated crossfit gym in the area. So we (my girlfriend my brother and me) train in a normal gym and just by looking at the other people, who train in the "normal" way (going from one station to another), we know it works!!

Especially if you look at the overall fitness level, there may be be stronger guys in there but they can´t run a 5 or 10K or there are faster guys on the 5 or 10K but they don´t have a 375 pound deadlift.

It took my brother over a year to convince me to do crossfit but now I´ll never train any other way! The only thing we still have trouble with is getting a frige with some beers in the gym..

Excuse me Kneel? I would LOVE to see any sissy crossfitter try P90X! This is the ULTIMATE workout. Makes Crossfit look like CrossShit! My boy Kneel can munch it!

CrossFit is for weak ass people like Henry. Actually it's too hard for him, He would do much better sitting on his ass eating a fat dick...that's his kinda workout.

Crossfit is where people go when they are to weak to do P90X because they have no discipline

I think it was Anna I saw wearing this shirt and I think it describes CrossFit the best..."Your workout is my warm up." Enough said!

When asked, my response to what is crossfit is:

A kick-ass work out combining gymnastics, running, sprinting, Olympic weight lifting, rope climbing, box jumping, dumbell pressing, tire flippn' workout so I can keep the (BLEEPING)husband in line.

I usually get an "oh" response.

The Crossfit gym is the "Third Place" aside from home and work. Sorry Starbucks Nice try!

Crossfit is working out and training with a community you care about. You care because of the coaches and athletes that help push you further than you would on your own. The only way to understand Crossfit is to come to the Free Sunday Session at One World. It's at 10am and did I mention it's free. The trainers there will help you perform every movement safely. You will probably be doing the workouts with other people who have never done Crossfit before so there is no need to feel intimidated or scared. It's a relaxed environment and there are no muscle heads with big egos walking around. Just a bunch of cool people working out and having fun.

This is what I tell everyone who asks me this question. I could sell Crossfit all day!

CrossFit is a boot camp, military-style training. It's a high-intensity program that includes endurance, gymnastics and Olympic lifting training.

Sounds totally impressive, right. I need to work on my elevator pitch for sure. I then usually go on to say something about the camaraderie and how it's modifiable to different athletic abilities...oh yeah...and that it's totally AWESOME!! Then I throw in the "come check out the free Sunday session!!" ;0)

Oh, and Freddy...that line TOTALLY works! LOL!!

...and what happens in San Diego, stays in San Diego...right Cheryl???

Crossfit has transformed my life. It helped me get back into shape after undergoing a lower lumbar disc replacement (yeah, I have an artificial disc in my back).

Crossfit kept me in shape after shoulder surgery this past year for an old gymnastics injury aggravated by a skiing mishap.

I wish I had known about crossfit sooner. I am more fit now than I was 20 years ago....

Most importantly, it is the wonderful coaches at One World that keeps me going when I just want to crumble on the ground and die in a puddle of sweat...I love crossfit!

CrossFit allows me to be active and healthy with my son. I do not want to be one of those dads who cannot be physically active with their children. CrossFit allows me to enjoy every memorable activity with my son and to be part of his life....

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