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September 23, 2009


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don't leave us hanging Sevan

Huh. I'm not a cop, but I can tell you all the best places to get a good Boston Creme or Bear Claw or custard-filled with sprinkles...

Burger King is the best place in my town. They are in every town, actually all over the world. Nothing beats a double whopper with cheese, some large fries and a large coke. Good stuff.

Thanks Bradass! You know I always have a stash of kelaguen waiting for you every time I whip up a batch. The best thing about kelaguen? It's paleo friendly. Whaaat?! (Yeah. That's before you add the red rice. Then it's just downhill. ha ha!)

I agree. Vung Tau is quite yummy!

Great Mexican food: Taco Bell. The salsa (fire sauce) is to die for!

J-RO's kelaguen is to die for. NO ONE comes between me and J-RO's kelaguen.
VUNG TAU in Newark.
MY all time favorite is COCONUTS in PALO ALTO and their lunch place BACK-A-YARD in Menlo Park the best jerk sauce ever.

Warning: I'm fat and I like to eat. And I CrossFit. Oh the irony. Since you asked, here are some (in my humble opinion) good eats. Another warning: I tend to like exotic, bold, flavors. Apologies if you have no idea what this food is. That just means you have to go out and try it!

- Semo Sushi (The freshest fish around!)
- So Frais (Yummy frozen yogurt. This is also a regular hang out of Mel, Chong and baby Bear. Really!)
- The Prolific Oven (Love their breakfasts and salads.)
- Sala Thai (Thai food. Who doesn't love that?!)

Union City:
- Nayong Filipino (Aside from the BBQ in the photo, try their sisig. They have a sister restaurant that's a fancier sit down place called Kalesa. It's in Milpitas. They also do some great catering!)
- Toppings Too (Yummy sizzling plates. Make sure they hold the gravy, otherwise the stuff is too heavy.)
- Tribu (Again, more Filipino food. Try the tilapia with the ginger-lemon sauce. They also make chicken Inasal, which is a regional dish rarely found in the U.S. It's a good variation of BBQ chicken. For something sweet, try the frozen brazo de mercedes.)
- Dragon House (The best local secret for good Chinese food. Try the house chow mein.)

- Angeline's (Louisiana-style food. Fantastic gumbo, fried chicken, mashed sweet potatoes, blue lake greens, brussels sprouts, etc. For your sweet tooth, they make a great bread pudding. It's walking distance from BART!)
- Venus (Unique, healthy, tasty food. The greatest latte I've ever had.)

The list could go on and on you know? Finally, my favorite place to eat is my own home. I'm no Iron Chef, but I can definitely hold my own in the kitchen (apparently, it's in the blood). My speciality dish?! Chicken kelaguen and shrimp patties (just ask Bradass!).

Happy eats!

For sure Dan! thanks for supporting!!!

Freddy, does your store deliver to VA? I'd be the only one with these on the east coast! Dan CrossFit Woodbridge.

Do those shorts have pockets? Damn that BBQ makes my mouth water! Are they open right now? I'd order about 20 of those!

And some pulling sleds to? and maybe a Prowler? hmmmmmmmm xmas wish list.

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