Crossfit of Fremont


October 22, 2009


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Never been a huge fan of this video. It's exciting to see someone go so hard and to see how much fun they have after but not one of his thrusters are deep enough (lose the ball) and a few pull-ups are short.

Thanks Freddy...I'll bear with ya! I'm sneaking out today at 4:30 cuz I don't want to miss the Fran fun.

We are already trying to figure out how to accommodate everyone with scheduling. Bear with us. The first on-ramp has been a trial run...

The Fran was Awesome, but not sure about the whole "nahmane" thing though ?..........

Gi Anna...hmmm?? LOL!

Kevin and Anna you can put on a gi and come roll on the mat hahahaha

I do wish that we could still work out even with the on-ramp program in progress. I too have a hard time making 5:15pm sometimes, especially coming all the way from San Jose. I've been out of town this week and am going to try to make 5:15 today, but it sucks that if I don't, I have to miss Fran. ;0(
I feel ya Kevin!

Freddy the scheduling of the On-Ramp program is killing my ability to get to One World because it's difficult to leave work at 4:30PM to hit the 5:15 class (and you already said "don't be late"). Is the future scheduling of On-Ramp open for discussion or is it a done deal? Anyone else having a difficult time hitting the 5:15PM class?

I think the Fran attempt was pretty good.

Freddy, how are you shoulders? Or even better, how are your glutes and quads today? Nice job with the OHS workout. Let me know which reptile you would like for next week.

Rich, you gotta be kidding me. This performance was incredible. Pointing out the so-called "missed reps" is like pointing out that the Venus De Milo is nice but she's missing her arms.

He killed that fran. I agree with Doug, the warm ups help big time for me. Maria is right need to start cool down stretches too.

I am still trying to break a 9 minute fran.

Haven't been able to taste the warm-ups yet... freakin work... I'm gonna sneak out early and jam to One World tomorrow for sure... Please don't give me any tickets officers...

Have fun in SF Bradass, get a picture with the biscuit.

I agree, doug, about the warm ups. How about short cool downs? Most of us just finish our wods and don't cool off properly.

Freddie - Your warmups lately have been appreciated...I think it will help prevent injuries...especially the 40+ crowd!

That´s an awesome performance. Although I do agree that he missed a couple of reps during the Pull-ups

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