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October 21, 2009


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Working out on a regular basis at a high intensity like the CrossFit program prescribes, and NOT warming up, is foolish!

Yes, you are correct, life sometimes does not allow for a warm up, but life sometimes puts you on your backside several weeks at a time to recover, and your workout should not.

As in a workout, maximum effort in a life threatening encounter may cause injury, but the injury is not always felt immediately, and the effort can continue until the task is accomplished. This is good when life is at risk, bad when exercising for life.

I have a job, like some of you, that can go from "0" to an all-out effort to keep myself alive. So before I leave for work, I do a :20 minute easy-moderate body weight only routine. It gets my body ready for life, and keeps me mentally alert.

Then, at the end of my 12hr shift, I do CrossFit, and yes, I warm up first. I can not afford to miss work because I failed to warm up first and got injured. If I get injured after an encounter on the street, then I am covered. I will say this, of the times I did have to go all-out on the job, It worked out just fine, except for the two times I tried to tackle a 3,500lb moving automobile. :)

Reagarding Alex's comment on October 22, 2009 at 17:23

Alex raises a good point worthy of further discussion. Yes, one of the tenets of CrossFit and functional fitness is to be be prepared for unknown and unknowable, so in that sense a warm-up is counterproductive. In fact, during my level 1 cert, we were told that you should practice what it would feel like to experience how the body reacts when having to produce all out effort without the benefit of a warm-up, even after having just eaten a meal. That makes sense to me, especially if you are a cop or a firefighter. That said, the idea of performing at your peak without a warm-up is not smart. For these 'industrial' athletes, I would offer that the best way to be ready to operate would be to at least move and incorporate dynamic stretching throughout the day/night while on the job. It doesn't require too much space, and shouldn't compromise security, etc.

A warmup takes away from the functionality of crossfit. You don't get a warm up when the sh*t hits the fan. You are caught off guard and it's 321 GO!! That's how your workout should be, just like real life.

Doing a warm up is like doing curls in the squat rack. Not functional and counterproductive.

My body is wrecked. Bought a tens unit, giving my back and shoulder a break! Will come back slow but I definately need to warm the oven before I cook my WOD. I really like Cheryl warm up.... 10 minutes on the rope nothing to crazy but when you mess up you hit 20 ab mats. Shoulder feels great after this. I agree though this is a weakness in my training.

I'm on to something here. Did andrea's row warm up, then spent five minutes doing dynamic hip stretches and five minutes opening up the shoulders. Went on to hit a HUGE 13# pr on my back rack split jerk,283#!

Great post Freddy.

Guilty as charged.

My sentence: two weeks off from training with a re-injured low back (3 times in two months).

Sterling, I will get the link up in a bit

hey freddy what happen to the links for the jiu-jitsu academy I looked for it in two browsers, is it just me but i can't find em

Freddy, I like geeking out on this stuff too!

Here are some resources I found helpful and gave me some good ideas for my warm up.

"The When and Why of Static Stretching"

Catalyst Athletics Warm Up

I have a few different warmup routines depending on the WOD. I start out almost all of them with a 500m row focusing on my form. Then I change it up between: 4 rounds of 10 med ball slams (15#), 10 push-ups, 10 sit-ups -or- 3 rounds of 5 med ball burpees (15#), 5 kipping pull-ups (trying to get C2B each time) and 5 OHS(45#). I have a few others also, but those are the ones that get me going the best. 106 days until R&R!!!

I warm up my guys/gals w/ quadrupedal movments, various tumblings, and some agility work...gets the blood flowing and it fun too!

Nice post Freddy! Its great that it only took you 4 years to figure this out...
haha! Miss ya buddy!


I would look into resistance stretching. It is phenomenal!

Hey Freddy, thanks for the email. Good comments. Us old men are like fine old Italian autos... got to let them idle a while before you crank the RPMs. Best.

OK Freddy, I got a rowing warmup for you:

500 meters of pause rowing - 200m pause at arms away AND body over; 300m pausing only at body over


10 minutes @ 75% pressure of:

2 min: 16 strokes/min (SPM)
2 min: 22 SPM
2 min: 26 SPM
1 min: 30 SPM
3 min: 20 SPM

...thoughts? Could be fun...

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