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November 02, 2009


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Freddie...I was in your level 1 cert. in Flagstaff. I came to Flag 14 years ago from your neck of the woods. It takes at least 6 months to really get acclimated to this elevation. That is why we have the High Altitude Olympic Training Center here. All of the symptoms you describe are typical of what others exhibit when they move here. When we go "down the mountain," we don't stay long because we don't want to have to go through the acclimation process again.


I attended the level 1 cert this weekend in flagstaff and that altitude is no joke! I still have the Fran cough and my legs are still destroyed from the squats, Fran etc.(thanks a lot Freddy)

My family and I go to Maine every year and a few years back we hiked to the top of mount katahdin (the end of the Appalachian trail). When I got down and the following week after I had the spins bad enough to keep me out of work and straight to the doctors office.

Kudos to all those "elevated atheletes". Between the cert, the elevation, and the jet lag I'm absolutely taking a rest day!

yeah, you should try doing every WOD at mile high altitude! this summer i dropped to sea level (vancouver) for the world police and fire games toughest competitor alive competition and placed 5th. my lungs felt like they were in heaven!

No excuses. The problem isn't altitude. It's attitude! Suck it up!

I went to Venezuela with my family a couple years ago and we went to Mérida, Mérida, Venezuela home of the highest and second longest aerial tramway in the world. The teleferico or tramway went damn near to the top of the peak at 4,981 metres (16,342 ft). The tramway had 5 stops on the way up
and as we rode the last car the attendants told us not to make any sudden movements or exert ourselves too much because we might pass out. I've never experienced elevation sickness before and that shit was wierd! I was tired, disoriented and nauseous. There was no way I was doing anything "explosive" up there let alone CrossFit.

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