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February 16, 2010


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Dang I remember high school summers and stuffing those 30 min oven pizzas down. Along with powdered donuts for breakfast and some juice to wash it down. Its weird though because two guys I know that now run Big 12 track and field still eat like this and run 45 second splits in the mile relay. Damn you genetics

Jason, I emailed this to you, but thought I would post it also:

Yes I can clarify. Simply put, not everyone is ready to jump into a crossfit group sesion. As the crossfit phenomenom grows, more and more deconditioned people are signing up. Yes, you can scale a workout for anyone, but that doesn't work in a business model like ours for long term customer retention. The group sessions are very intimidating for people who have never trained before and are completely out of shape. Also, some people want to get fit, but they don't want to work out with the same intensity as a full blown crossfit workout. Many successful gyms are using boot camp style programming as an intro to crossfit, and many of those boot camp people never leave the boot camp program. Those five goals of boot camp that I listed seem pretty self explanatory as the overall goal of boot camp.

And Jason my friend, not everything they preach to you at the Level I Cert is gospel. You will find that out along the way.


Freddy, I thought a big selling point as well as functional approach was that anyone can scale down almost any CrossFit workout to fit the needs of different individuals.
I've heard this talk before, "you need to get in shape before you can do CrossFit."
but that doesn't make sense to me.
can you clarify?

the tampax are yours


This FRIDAY (2/19)

CROSSFIT ONE WORLD FAM, Come hang out for me for my 26th bday bash @WET Nightclub in San Jose. Call or Message me for details and Guestlist info.


I am going to go for the Milk! I know you have been drinking it after every workout.

That's not delivery, it's DiGiorno.

Happy to have the rest days back...I was wearing myself out trying to keep up and when I missed a great workout, didn't have a rest day to fit it in. That basket is crazy bad. Couple days off of my strict diet has caused me to feel slow and run down. Stroud's bootcamp might give their bodies a wake-up call! and of course the wine is Freddys! :)

Thank God for the rest day-sometimes I can't get in to complete a workout that I was looking forward I wont have to miss out on any fun!

The Wine is yours*

100% I would be in a carb-induced coma if I ate like that on a regular basis now. Last night I had 4 slices of Pizza Hut thin-crust pizza after being strict Paleo + milk for almost two months. Let me tell you, I was barely able to function for several hours afterwards.

Oh, and the wine is definitely yours!

The wine?

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