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February 10, 2010


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I really appreciate your burpee article! As a woman who has recently gotten back into crossfit and does most burpees on my knees it is so frustrating to see other women basically flopping down and not getting the real push-up as intended. I have also been tempted to do this in workouts but I refuse to because I want to be able to do burpees with full pushups...that will never happen if I flop. It takes much longer to do the burpees in good form, but I would rather take longer and know that I am working towards doing the full movement! Thanks so much for the article!

I will say this in closing. If anyone hates these people it is also sin, and by your hate you bring yourself down to the same level with those who oppose the Lord. It is easy to hate someone, but very hard to love someone who comes against you and your Father. I choose love for Christ and all his people. Does this mean we have roll over and play dead because this law was over turned? Not at all.

whatever the sport is the maximum, energetic activity is something everyone should do every day!


Thank you so much for bringing this up. We make our athletes jump to the Pull-up bars. It's amazing to see how many so called "elite" level CF'ers are doing crappy technique all for the sake of having a fast time, just so they can be perceived as fit.

Great post .. been having this debate over both burpee styles for months now. obviously your standard is far more challenging yet the flop burpee does serve it`s purpose too, ie. rugby, soccer player getting up off the ground quickly and efficiently. Watch Jolie`s burpees in the chipper from the 09 games, Legit! Great work on your blog Freddy, check it almost everyday.

Garth, Crossfit Lions North Vancouver BC

Hey Brad how are you my brother. It's great to hear from you. I'm still fighting and I've been doing more muay thai fights. I have another one march 27th and just fought 2 weeks ago. Overall it's going great i'm winning a lot so i'm happy as can be haha. I'm gonna actually be coming to california after this fight and am super excited to train at one world. I plan on doing muay thai at fairtex and getting my x fit on with you guys. Hows everything over there with you guys? Maybe I should get you to arrange fights in California for me so I can be a regular lol. That would be awesome.

Khalipa did some flopping in his burpee/clean workout on the main site video. I don't get it because he sure has the core strength to nail those and not take a second off his time.

...and when I say "loosing weight", I mean "losing weight"...not weight being loose. Wait, what?

Healthy eating = loosing weight = smaller boobies = harder burpees...DAMN!!! Can't win!
PS...James, don't read this.

The "B" word
I've been sprawling into the burpee lately. Trying to find ways to get a faster cycle. I feel like I'm in slow motion when I do the burpees. I get the jump better with a target like the pull-up bars. Which brings me to "pukies". Slight modification, instead of clapping you jump to the bar for a pull-up, jump down into your squat and away you go again.... One of my Coach's many tortures.

I love my name-Britny-Britny-Britny...groups of three-hmmm sounds so good!LOL-J/K. This diet is really affecting my memory and my mood-but at least I remember my name!

Wow...fake D. Castro comments... I've seen it all now.

That's twice now that Freddy has criticized HQ. First, there were the comments about the kipping pullup on the main site. Now this. One more, and we will deaffiliate you.

I seriously think you guys are posting comments just to see your name on the comments

When have you EVER heard me or any other trainer say that you touch chest and thighs to the ground? Have you never watched the burpee standards video that I've posted a boatload of times? I've said numerous times you can pick up the pace by dropping the chest right to the floor, but have never once uttered the word "flop."

I think all this healthy eating you guys are doing is starting to affect your memory... hahaha!

My name is Angela and I am a burpee abuser...

The first step to getting better is owning up to it!

i'm a total chest and thigh ground toucher when i do burpees - no more. thanks for the clarification, freddy...

...and Annie's burpees were totally legit in the last death by burpees! Good job girl!

It's about time there is some clarification HAHA!! I know many people, like me, thought it was chest and thigh's on the ground, like the NorCal standards. Good to know that isn't the case now. My core will be happier ;0)

Has anyone found a watch at the gym with a gray band? I'm missing it! Thanks!

I fricken hate the burpee-but I have to say that when I started at CF I did a legitimate burpee and then was told I could just kind of "flop down" on the ground-which I did for quite a long time, until more recently-I really try to do the 6 count burpee (the truth of the matter is, they suck no matter what form you use-so might as well do a 6 count)!

FINALLY! THANK YOU FREDDY! The last death by burpees I did "strict" burpees.Touching my chest to the floor and my 6 inch target or I didn't count it. (I'm sure they were not all perfect) when I looked around I saw people flopping thier bodies on the ground and barely pealing themselves off the floor to try and get up.I could hear it too. When the workout was over, up on the board they went to the top 5. What the...? I knew there was something wrong!


In the last three lifts you should be pushing for your one rep max. No percentages today.

Is there a set amount of weight, percentage wise, for the bench part? Thanks!

Wow, I was feeling pretty good about my burpees (well, maybe not the jumping 6" part) until I read this. Thanks a lot Freddie! LOL

the work out for Cindy should be for 2/11/10, not 2/10/10. not sure if that matters.

Jaffer, how are you? are you still fighting?


For the record, the standards at the 2009 NorCal Qualifier were strict and I judged them accordingly:

1. chest and thighs to the deck
2. jump and clap overhead
3. portion of the ear must be visible from the side

I had to discount several reps by multiple athletes, not easy to do when you know someone is working their ass off by the way.

The six inch rule is almost impossible to judge in competition unless the athlete is required to jump and touch an object pre-determined by the individual's height which is not logistically practical. All we could do was to make sure the feet left the ground.

I do agree with your observation regarding the burpee however. It is unfortunately an increasingly abused exercise and if I see another half-assed frog burpee in a video, I'm gonna lose it ;-)

Great topic, It is a shame to see this "weak" burpee being performed world wide by many. It's simple, do your burpees as described and the strength and cardio benefits will out way the "so called" faster, lazy burpee.

On a personal note; I will not do these in a competition in CrossFit. Nor, will any other trainer on our staff. These are the standards of CrossFit, only excepting excellence.

I love the site, and visit it daily. Since, oh, sometime in November, I just don't go to too many CF-related sites that much any more. I appreciate your thoughts and observations. Also, since we're the same age, you help keep me focused on ignoring those around me in daily life who are letting it all go downhill way, way before their time.

Anyway, I started reading this, and thought, "Yeah, tell it!" I passionately hate floppy burpees. I kept reading, though, and realized, "Man, he's talking about me, too....and he's right." Thanks.

Jaffer, Your are right. It was close to six inch,but no banana... I also clapped my hands over my head which I TOTALLY think is lame, but I wanted to recreate the workout as close as I could to the first attempt I did in the journal video. I'll do it again with One World burpee standards to see what the difference is. That should be interesting!

Thank you. I make all my athletes do them a bit more strict with an emphasis on the 6 different movements involved. I'm glad someone actually posted on that. It seems that people like to talk about maintaining good form in wods on just about everything else but with burpees let it all go to shit in order to get them done quick.
Thanks again for the knowledge.

CrossFit Lynchburg

I didnt see a 6 inch jump on freddie's revenge video...tsk tsk haha jp you ROCK freddie! Honest to God this is my favorite Crossfit page to check out. I got my x fit cert here, traveled from Jersey. Can't wait to come back.

Ahhh Cindy!! My first Crossfit WOD at One World with Joe D.

One hit and I was instantly addicted!

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