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February 18, 2010


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I probably one of those de-conditioned peeps.

Before joining the On-Ramp, I also do Kickboxing 3 times a week and Cardio 2 times a week. Now, I am adding Crossfit 3 times a week into my schedule. So I thought I was middle of the road (not great but not completely out of shape) but I have to say that I got intimidated before I came to every crossfit class (3 regular classes to date), however, there were times when I did the workouts, I was asking myself "Is this it? why I was so scared?" LOL.

I would love to see more people like me coming in but I have to say that it's still quite an intimidating atmosphere for me and some people might find the same.

PS: I'm not close to puking in the crossfit so far but last friday, I was close to puking in my kickboxing class (at different academy). I guess this means I need to be more bold and more aggressive in the next class.

Who you callin' Grandma, Freddy??!! Haha... it's me your "long lost, never met, FB friend", Caroline from CFO! Cannot wait to see you at the RX challenge tomorrow. It was a real pleasure to meet you today! I agree, Boot Camps are great :)

I dunno Freddy-that Paleo Pesto-Spinach Bread from Mark Sisson's website tastes pretty damn good to me! I put cheese or butter on it.

It's all part of the One World gym experience. The boot camp is totally worth it.

That Jason guy sure asks some amazing questions!!

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