Crossfit of Fremont


February 02, 2010


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What you didn't know Kelly, is that we are the ones that actually spread the word about you working out in the morning...expect to see plenty more creepy guys gawking through the windows!


Kelly, All of us at work know none of those guys actually do any work....

Freddy, you were right before, it should be reps x sets, at least in weightlifting and some general strength literature. Not sure why sets x reps seems to be so popular.

I am so thankful to be at One World especially with the UCPD. I feel so safe working out with the boys in the morning. I can always count on them when there is a creeper in the window staring at the girls squatting. Thanks for nothing, boys! :)

CJ - Jason likes to do a very hard pull coupled with a very slow return. It keeps your heart rate down, but if you can pull hard enough you will not sacrifice your time.

WTF??!! Chong hates us. Mel be nicer to him!!!!!!!!!!!

What was the rowing technique Jason was using?

POS: Fittest Math teacher on the Planet!!

(We love you, POS!)


Front or back squats?

Great work Jason. Looks like I might have to make another Jackie attempt.


OMFG, this looks like an awesome, ass-kicking (literally) workout. I'm totally there!

That conditioning workout looks totally hideous. Whats your problem Chong?

cant wait to do the second challenge wod. i did the first in 25:25. i think i can do under 20 but not bad for my first attempt.

Look at that...first post!!!!

Yes it is true, I missed one damn pull up..knowing Freddy I will never live this down. Next time I'm going to have a counter, hell maybe two..hahah

Thank's for the comment's Freddy, great weekend man....hopefully I'll see you soon!

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