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February 09, 2010


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hey freddy u crushed your your journal time. i guess austins workouts are working.

I second the motion from the shorter of the twin. Great job Freddy, Bradass and Raz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm really excited about the new box! Freddy, Bradass and Raz built 2 pull up bars just for us short people (5 foot on a good day)! The fight will be on for the short bars! I love you guys!!!

The new shit looks great! You guys rock!
I never thought I would be so excited about pull-up bars... Freddy, Raz and Bradass are doing a fantastic job in the new facility.

Its been a while since I've read the standard daily complements from xfit to xfit people at One World. What happened? No one is super awesome anymore?


I will be using 165 instead but yeah I am excited.

I will be posting in a few to let yall know how I did

Great stuff again...My advanced athletes will do this on Friday. do you sub Really how do you do it and still give the client a good workout.

Some people are really strong and have cardio but their swings, jerks, or snatches are you go down in weight.

There lies my to still challange them and keep the integrity at par???

I would say that at some point homemade workout equipment must be used or observed, i.e. a homemade rack. Then perhaps the old cement filled weights being used in the work out would absolutely qualify.

Freddy's are waaay too nice.


You forgot the bicycle hanging from the rafters giving the illusion that said workout person is an elite cyclist also...duh! Awesome comment! I laughed my ass off...

One of the classic garage videos ever! I think there are three elements that make a truly great garage video. One, there must be a box fan in view of the camera. Preferably, the athlete will become entangled with said fan at some point in the proceedings. Two, there must be a guest appearance by a dog or cat. Preferably, said dog or cat will try to join the workout. Three, there must be a cheapo radio blaring the whole time. Points added if the radio is playing Led Zeppelin. Points deducted if it is playing anything recorded after 1980 (trick question: what score does post-1980 Led Zep get?) Can anyone add to this list?

Bradass what weight do you think you would use for this workout? I was thinking 165-170ish.

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