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February 07, 2010


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Hey Freddy, I usually just read and leave but this posting is awesome and really gave me a good path forward for my pull up practice and it's a good explanation why I'm so bad at a pull up, moreover a kipping pull up. Thanks for the advice, I'm going to start training on strength w those dead hang pull ups.

-Brian P. from DCF

I have gotten into the chalk debate so many times at the gym I coach at. Me and the head coach/owner have completely opposite views on chalk. He believes in the same thing you do in regards to how much chalk to use, and I believe quite differently. If you look at any gymnast or olympic lifter their hands are chalked to shit.

I know personally when I'm working with a bar (whether it be barbell or pull-up bar) that the more I chalk, the better grip I get. That one picture is just something I found really quickly. You can search any olympic lifter or gymnast and see the same result.

I do agree with the dead hang pull-up theory. I personally believe that most people introduced to CrossFit aren't strong enough in general. I was stoked when I saw you start programming a strength wod ontop of your other work. If you can't strict ATLEAST ten pull-ups in a row, then you really need to forget about the kip for a bit.

good to see the truth finally come out about Xfit's spin on the kipping pullup. Kipping pullup is a nice way to incorporate pullups into a metcon but in no way are they superior to strict pullup.

"Kick Mother Nature your Energy Legs"

400 babies? So that's what my husband is drinking! Hilarious!!!!
Freddy where do you find these videos?

Poi Dog

Well said. You only left one out - those hands w/o covering are a freaking public health concern. No one wants bar cooties!!

Wow! I definitely need to get me some Shockolate - PowerThirst. Better watch out come Monday..."Uncomfortably Engergic and Abnormally Fast".

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