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February 11, 2010


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LOL!!!!!!!! BOOBI!!!!

Eric try to be a man about it. There's no crying in Crossfit, only vomiting. And check you spelling before you post....

You Did, Freddy.....I really think you did

He's not the only one, king of the dream killers!!!

Eric, I think I have emotionally scarred you....

Damn Freddy...If you had been standing up that vomit would have gone a clear 10 feet! lol

rant continue.......instead of jumping into the bottom of a squat from the plank, whats with the plank to a romanian deadlift to almost standing position then a tiny jump? I spec remember the day when Freddy told me to jump from plank to bottom squat. What else do I hate ? I hate worring about stupid shit like burpee standards but when you are boasting fast as hell times , The least you can do is be legit about it.

"That was a pretty good time but your chin was not over the bar...dont get me wrong, that was still a great metabolic workout BUT it was not Fran" -Freddy to me when I did my 5:13 Fran

The burpees that I cant f#cking stand are the no air and totally bent over burpee, just like the ones they did at the 08 games.
F@cking grinds me. I see a few well known AWESOME crossfit folks still doing this shit to hit great times. To me this is the difference between chin over and chest to bar pull-ups, yes it makes them that much harder to do fully standing with a jump.

The best part of that video is Nancy! Ha ha
She's just like, "here we go again". Ha ha
Freddy , what do you put that girl through?

Thanks Freddy.

Man, what a douche.

Sorry, I meant then.

Sup buddy. It's been a long time...too long! I'm a bit behind for this post, but "f" it.

This comment is in regards to the standards for the burpee, not only in your revenge workout, but the stupid games too. I've seen competitors miss a good rep when their arms locked out, but they didn't clap.

What's the important part? The locked out arms extended overhead, or the clap?

Although I'm not a crossfitter, I'm a good observer and I understand movement.

What the does clapping at the top of a burpee have to do with anything? The movement is complete when you jump and lock out your arms above the head...period. Actually, clapping causes you to bend your arms, especially when fatigued.

Too many people (especially the games standard folks) get hung up on the stupid shit. The it becomes gospel and before you know it, people around the World catch on.

Aside from everything else, I think it gays up the burpee.

Ohh James... I totally remember the second time you all played Century... I poured all the beer. That was the longest 100 minutes of my life.

How soon you forget Freddy! We definitely did the "century" last time too. Neil barfed and quit at 50 .. I barfed at 97 .. and Chong did all 100 and still seemed sober .. HAHA!!

See you all saturday!!!

Hahaha! We've done a few Century's at CrossFit Geneseo and I've completed 2 of them with no vomiting or even trips to the bathroom, but it does take training(I'm not even a beer have to train for that bubbly shit!) and proper nutrition leading up to the event! I will never do another one...I'll be the one carefully sipping wine and taking pictures.
Power hours are more manageable and it really is fun to combine pullups and drinking games!

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