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March 18, 2010


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One thing that it helps a lot when your are training. It is your coach. If he is something special you can do even better.

Thanks everyone!! The fun was all mine (longwindedness = not a hard task for me, in case you didn't notice). Hope to see some extra-awesome rowing from all of you at One World. And Allison, thanks for the east coast shout-out!

P.S. I'm going to link this up on the CFNYC blog on Monday when we have our biggest readership. This is important stuff that more crossfitters need to know. Thank you, Andrea, for writing it and thank you, Freddy, for posting it!

Amen, sister!

Tha was a great write up!!

awesome work Freddy and Andrea!
Keep it coming!

Great Read! Thanks Andrea~

Well done Andrea!

Are your posts too long? Never noticed since I was too busy reading and studying them.

Andrea, great post. Ever since I got my C2 I have been trying to figure it out. The whole thing is a wonderful merge of art and science from what I can tell. Lots of it counterintuitive in that I think the harder and faster I row the better my times when in reality that isn't the case. Must have to do with efficiency. It is an art in the same way as a golf stroke or bat swing or any other sport related move--I think analogically about racquetball where the really good players barely move while the newer ones run around all over the place. Thanks again!

Great post.

I too am a huge fan of the long posts. In fact, I prefer them. I use this site as my go-to as opposed tot he mainsite because your programming meshes with my goals much better.

thanks for your hard work Freddy

Excellent, well-written article Andrea! You were spot on with focusing on technique.

I hate the long posts...Awesome article Andrea!

I like long posts as long as it is objective and informative.

On a side note Spring Break! woohoooo!!! I'm going to live in the gym for a week!

Knowledge empowers us. Rowing is one of my least favorite things to do. Andrea's insight is invaluable. I will try a different approach to the (dreaded) row tomorrow -besides cranking up my techno music!

Daron, I'll send you something that will help you better understand that less is not more. Stick to the prescribed percentages. More reps is more.

Please keep the "long" posts coming! Great reads. I also chose your programming out of hundreds of others because it is intentional in building both strength AND metcon at the same time and not to bash main site, but I stopped following because it was TOO randomized. I definitely wouldn't be increasing my #'s in the 4 lifts if not for this programming and that's exactly what I've been missing when doing mainsite. Thanks for helping me achieve great results! Question for One Worlders: if I can do the four lifts at 5 x 5 at a higher percentage than 85% of working 1RM, will the adage "more is better" hold true here? For example, if I followed Wendler's for DL's today, I would've maxed out at 225 lbs. probably at 8-10 reps on the last set. But I did 5 x 5 at 235 (89% of working 1RM) unbroken instead. Does the "less is more" philosophy apply to Wendler's programming when trying to push my 1 RM? If anyone with some knowledge on the theory of Wendler's program can help shed some light on the issue, that would be awesome. Just seeking to optimize my training, that's all. Thanks guys!

I appreciate the long posts also. Andrea thanks for sharing I've noticed my times decreasing as I started fine tuning my rowing skills and totally agree with what you are saying. I actually don't fear that machine anymore.

I appreciate the long posts. CFO is my primary Crossfit blog to read everyday. I rarely even check the main site. Thanks for all the awesome content.

I too appreciate the longs post and all the work and effort that you put into this site. Thanks Freddie.

Crossfit is slop!

I like the long posts, Freddy. And I appreciate the work that goes into doing them. You'll never hear me complaining.

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