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April 19, 2010


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Hi There. I really like your site.

Its funny, this topic elicited almost as many posts as when Freddy talks about nutrition. I don't have any real data to back up my opinion, as to whether or not marijuana is a gateway to other drugs and/or worse than alcohol. But as a police officer of 15 + years, I have dealt with many drunks and "potheads", and I have to say drunks are way bigger A**holes! In my humble opinion, Prohibition didn't work so why not give marijuana a try? It's such a joke anyway...anyone can get a medical marijuana card and our courts won't even seek prosecution against "potheads" unless they're transporting and/or manufacturing in very large quantities. Yes, can it be abused? heck yea...but I see people abuse alcohol all the time...this is based on personal experience too. I'd be a hypocrite if I said I Never abused alcohol. It all comes down to personal responsbility. I agree with Kevin...let's legalize it and make some money off of it. As long as there is demand there will be a supply. Some will say to legalize everything! But that's just stupid... just my two cents.

right on fred i totally agree with are the coolest cop ever

Audrey, so because of anecdotal evidence that flies in the face of controlled tests, you would prefer that America continue to waste billions of dollars and enabling organized crime (see the drug wars in Mexico lately? THOUSANDS DEAD every year).

Being against the legalization or at very least decriminalization of weed is irrational and ignorant, unless you have some legit data to back you up.

As said above, no one wants a nation of stoners, but the law does not have any effect on demand and consumption. It just benefits organized crime and wastes public resources.

You don't have to worry about your professionals being "on pot". It's like alcohol, people consume it responsibly for recreational enjoyment, only people with a problem would abuse a substance when working.

I'm a professional and my wife is an MD, we both enjoy a smoke now and then, so there.

Neil, where do you find that crap? you kill me... is it a doctor, nurse, professor or a cop I know? hahhhhhhhh

Freddy-What the hell are you doing on the news?

Its better to smoke crack

I am totally in agreement with you. I have never tried the stuff but have been around lots of people who have been on the stuff and I can tell you, continued use makes people crazy, crazy, I tell you crazy.

Sometimes I think you take a few puff at nights and then think about how best to torture us, type it into your computer and call it Crossfit programming

Patrick, that was a great video... I agree with Kirk and the Clone.

it can even help us recover!

Freddy You are the coolest Dude Ever. Keep up the good work.

Is it a coincidence that it's also "Take a Break to Reset Your Mind Day"?

Is weed Paleo? :) Happy 420

Kirk makes me laugh!!

I love weed, gets you a vehicle search everytime...

Perfectly said Kevin.

The funny thing about your post is that other than cops (and I am sure there some of them too), I know teachers, nurses, professors, doctors, engineers, scientists, and parents who are major potheads. Complete positive contributors to society. It really is no different than alcohol. Sorry.....

Fucking A, right on Freddy. I'm glad to hear of more Policeman who feel this way. Its a waste of time from a law enforcement standpoint and its blatant hypocrisy for our country.

I want Cops to have plenty of time to patrol the streets and keep real criminals at bay.

ALCOHOL should not be LEGAL if CANNIBIS is not LEGAL.

I was going to come to the gym but....

America should wake up and STOP treating marijuana any differently than alcohol. I don't want a nation full of pot-heads any more than a nation of full blown alcoholics. I don't want a pot-head teacher just like I don't want a drunk teacher - not even a buzzed one. Don't want a drunk drawing my blood. Don't want a drunk cop showing up at my house - a high one might be kind of funny. But the point is simple:
Don't drive drunk - don't drive high.
Don't go to work drunk - don't go to work high. But - in the privacy of my own home! Please! I'll make my own decisions. Legalize it! Get some god damn tax revenue into this broken State.

A nation full of pot-heads. Would you want your kids to be taught by a pot-head teacher? Would you want that nurse who is drawing your blood on pot? Do you want a pot-head officer showing up at your door when you call for help?
I agree with Cannabis for LEGITIMATE medical ailments.
However, I believe pot is a gateway drug. It impairs your judgement. It kills the brain.
My two cents.

See we smoke 2 joints before we smoke 2 joints And then we smoke 2 more we be jammin

We smoke to joints before we smoke 2 joints
And then we smoke 2 more this is slammin

La de de da da de me love marijuana

Me know the plant like the sex knows Madonna
I feel laid back when I puff on the ganja

So legalize marijuana yalonda

I've never even tried weed and think it should be legalized. We spend a lot of money combating it and what do we get out of it. Not much. Spend the resources on some other thing. More bang for the bong....I mean buck!

Wow Freddy, Preach it Brother!! I have to agree with the 4/20 POV and your Wendler Programming. We've seen huge strength gains at our gym, and people enjoy it, too. Love the website! Keep up the good work! You have many a fan in central Illinois!

maybe i need to be high Tuesday (420), because my legs feel like shit, and I can only imagine what they will feel like tmrw morning. lol


Remember, work out first, then smoke a lil Pakaloloa, so you dont worry about the've burned it(pun intended)Happy 420!

Wow! awesome post.

Weed is also safer... In my early twenties
I once experimented and tried to OD by smoking as much as possible in the shortest amount of time and there is just now way it can happen. I've tried dozens and dozens of times until I found out how much weed you waste doing that so you have to cut down a bit..

Ha ha ha Happy 420 everyone!!!

Hi freddy, i live next to the netherlands and they don't seem to have a problem with weed as a gateway drug! and they legalized it years ago. So i think you mention a good point!

but i think i stay with bavarian beer! not to much of course.... it would kill my WOD times! ;-)


I was always wonering where 420 came from, good info!!

In my opinion, alcohol is way worse than weed. Sucks that I never liked pot. But I did love shhroooms :)

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