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April 22, 2010


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I thank thee that I am none of the wheels of power but I am one with the living creatures that are crushed by it.

LOL John..don't go to vegas. No broken limbs, just box jumps and double unders for you.

Amy that's fucken bad ass!

Marathoner or CrossFitter or both, it all comes down to different strokes for different folks! Don't let the fatty fool you, I ran a marathon five years ago and it was a great experience because it showed me the different ways in which I could push my body. In fact, whenever we're doing a tough WOD (e.g. Mr. Josh) and I want to throw in the towel, there's always a voice inside me that says, "Come on Joanne, you've run a marathon in dead heat of Maui, you can do this!" There is just something about finishing a marathon that continues to be meaningful to me today.

Also, I ran the marathon to raise money for a charity that was near and dear to my heart. At the time, it wasn't about health. It was about pushing my body in the name of something beyond me. Training for the marathon also provided me the chance to get to know SF and Berkeley in ways that I wouldn't have. Running is a great way to explore your neighborhood, appreciate nature, and such. It's as fulfilling as you make it.

I agree that long distance running isn't ideal for most. Marathon training tore up my feet! Shortly after finishing the marathon, a friend sent me an article about a long-term study done on marathoners and ultra-marathoners. It stated that these athletes were more prone to heart failure because the body isn't meant to handle that stress. It also stated that such athletes tended to develop mental "issues" later on in life. Something about oxygen to the brain. I'm not saying that the article was 100% correct, but it was enough for me to re-think running.

I have great respect for runners and athletes from all walks of life. Do what you love and what adds to your life. At the time, long distance running worked for me. Currently, CrossFit works. At another point in my life, something else may work. I decide the destiny and parameters of my fitness. No one else does.

Your post always bring about such great discussion Freddy. I'm totally addicted. Doesn't feel like my day is complete unless I check out what's up on the One World Site! Only thing that doesn't stir debate is which athlete has the best body for health and performance. It's a "no brainer". Give me the guy on the right!

I am going to argue that the SDLHP IS a functional movement!! My most recent functionality was pulling an 80lb collapsed labrador retriever in cardiac arrest from the floor to my treatment table so I could intubate and start chest compressions. Without having time to wait for assistance,I grabbed her by the scruff on her back and high pulled her up with the strength and form of a crossfitter in the everyday working world:) Freddy, I still like the movement!!

Thought I would chime in. To me the whole running a 1/2 or a marathon is kind of like the mountain theory. You do it because it was there. Same reason I climbed Mt. Fujii. Had a lot of talking to myself as I did it on the way up--like what the f#%k am I doing this for? (then again I do the same when I do Fran) However, I was glad once I finished it and thought, good--done--not going to do that again. It is a challenge and CrossFit has really taught me about doing those kinds of challenges. Maybe that is the difference that differentiates CrossFit from interval training and means more than just the brand name?

Like others above I want to try a 1/2 this year just training with WODs and see what happens. Just like when I got my C2 and did the 10K row...just because it was there. Did it--not planning on doing it often or again.

I never really post here but just wanted to clear things up about the pic.Yes Dwain Chambers is banned from the Olympics but not from Track and Field. He can still compete for his country, just not in the Olympics. He competed in the World Indoor Championship this past March. He is clean now and still looks great! He is still a good sprinter!
Sprinters and Jumpers have the best bodies!!!

Run a marathon...or pull a 500+ deadlift... either choice...if you get joy out of it...THEN DO IT! the discussion. BTW John...not all people who deadlift 500+ lbs are "tubby bitches" waiting for a coronary... When I was deadlifting over 350+ (back in my younger years), I was carrying more weight but I certainly wasn't a "tubby bitch"..."bitch"...hmmm another story.

Anyway, I used to abhor running long distances. geez...800 m runs? ugghhh! But now I actually find some joy in running. Just doing Crossfit alone, with no additional training, and never having run more than 10 miles at one time, I ran the San Jose 1/2 marathon with Anna and Jen and ran it in just over 2hrs 4 min... LOVED IT...because I accomplished something I had never done before... Injuries? Actually, I felt pretty darn good... some muscle fatigue because of the repetitive motion but no joint pain...but that was thanks to coach Rita who gave me some technical advice on how to run long distances... get lot of practice when doing it for 2

But with any endeavor...learn to do the activity safely and then pursue it to your hearts content...whether it's running centuries...or deadlifting a car!

Oh yea...the point of the post...the guy on the right...way more "fit" in appearance...

I use to run track: short distance and would never know because I absolutely hate running now! My mechanics are horrible (maybe they always were) and I just can't seem to get into the running thing enough to care about proper technique! I talk to people that have been runners a good portion of their life and their joints (knees) are fucked! Personally I see more benefit from a brisk walk :) How about one day our WOD be: "jog to Mexico Lindo and then crawl back to the gym" after a few pitchers of Margaritas? Brad put this nicely in a discussion we had yesterday.

Just remember, the first guy to run a marathon delivered his message and... died!

Love reading the posts!

Bryan, what sshort distance olympic athlete hasn't done roids....or some sort of enhancement? Pure google image luck :)

I ran a marathon in October only training the standard CrossFit training methodology, I ran a 10k 2weeks prior to the Marathon. I can honestly say it was the most miserable experience of my life. mile 20 the joints seized up and i hobbled 6 miles to the finish. The saving grace was the Beer station at mile 23. the Funny thing my muscles never fatigued and no cramps during the run it was all joint issues the Tuesday after the marathon .I hit PR OHS. My biggest advice to anyone who wants to run 26.2 miles would be don't, but if you must... learn to run!

Dude sweet posts we just opened up a crossfit in stockton (crossfit cencal) and i love all of your posts this one takes the cake. The Forest Gump montage is classic brother. Keep up the awesome work man. my partner and I would love to get over there to check out your box and meet all you guys. Brandon

Hey Freddy, just started following your programming for a couple of months, really like the site, one of the few cf related ones i still visit. I've never posted here before, hope my first one doesn't reveal me to have a complete sense of humour bypass, but im curious: are you being mischevious? Or is it pure Google image chance that has provided you with a picture of Dwain Chambers, who has a liftime Olympic ban for steroid (ab)use? thats the dude on the right by the way....!

I have done a little bit of running: many 5ks, a few 10ks and a half marathon. For me it is all about the challenge. I, under no circumstance, enjoy the pain after a 13 mile run and don't really plan to do another half. I wanted to have the experience and see if my crossfit training would get me through it in a decent time. I was pleased with my 2:22:32. 10ks are a good distance and I like the challenge of constantly improving my time. What I really want to do is a triathalon (well a mini's fine with me). Varied, functional movement for sure! Like with many workouts, I don't particularly enjoy them at the time, but the feeling I get after mentally and physically pushing myself to the point of exhaustion, makes it all worth it.
So, triathalon anyone?

My first love is crossfit, but I supplement it with running.I run at least 10 miles a week. Im 5'8 200lbs and running more than that starts to hurt the joints.

Curious: Why do you think the SDHP is lame?

Plodding/surviving a marathon in 4 hours is like doing Fran in 30 minutes. What's the point? Just to say you've done it. If you aren't racing, and you just enjoy running for the sake of it (mental relaxation etc.) then there is no reason to go over 20km. The wear and tear/recovery is a waste.

It always kills me every season when The Biggest Loser makes their (still obese) contestants run a marathon, even if they have to crawl to the finish line. It's televised human torture disguised as fitness. However, it's not like the producers give a shit about anything but ratings anyway, so I guess the joke's on me since I keep watching.

A few things...

1. I love running, because I hate running. I hate sprints. I hate 400s. I hate miles. I hate marathons. And, I hate ultra-marathons. But each one is a challenge that I love…except the marathon. I’ve never run a marathon, because I know I can do it. So, what really gives me a boner is the ultramarathon(generally, described as anything over 26.2 miles). I like 50K trail runs on heinous mountain trails and 50 milers with more elevation changes than Six Flags. Mainly, because it’s a challenge. A nut up, suck it up, womb rattling challenge (there is no logical reason, that I should have written that last sentence…but, I couldn’t think of a better female equivalent and for some insane reason that made me laugh) Conquering a challenge…there’s nothing better! There’s something about knowing that when the big quake comes along and levels SF, I’m going to throw on a pair of shoes and a camelback and be in Union City in 4 hours sipping virgin margaritas and sucking down Almond Snickers. Yeah, I know it’s only a part of fitness…but, then so is the 500lb deadlift. And concentrating on only one area can cause poor health…I know there are some tubby bitches out there just waiting for a coronary that can deadlift 500lbs. And so while there’s nothing wrong with the approach of moderation and middle distance runners… I think there’s something to be said for the challenge. And if you want to see how much of a challenge it is…program a 13.1 mile run tomorrow and see how many people do it. Some will, some won’t, most won’t try…because in their minds it’s impossible. It might be bad on the joints and detrimental to toe nails, but there’s nothing like it to build the will and soul.

2. The steak that I’m eating is ridiculously damn delicious! (just thought I’d share my joy)

3. How in the hell did Tebow get picked in the first round of the NFL draft. Damn! I hate Neil…and his witchcraft like prognosticating!! Don't worry, I'll bring the money I owe you...before you send out the Evil Twin to collect or break my legs

Thank goodness Freddy, I've thought the sumo deadlift high pull sucked since the first time I ever did it!!

speaking of which... is anyone running the bay to breakers?

The guy on the right looks like a beast and he looks like chases down and eats people that look like the guy on the left. He's freaking huge!!

Just think of it as a one rep max for running! But then I'm one of the unexplainable fools registered to run one next month. Not looking for the ultimate fitness test, just doing it because I can, they have live music along the course and I will drink a lot of beer afterwards with my family and friends. We always enjoy your posts. Thanks

Only thing more boring than running several miles would be doing so on a treadmill, I'd say.

indeed, freddy. i'll take a crossfitter over a marathon runner any day...

Thank goodness! I thought I was going to see a heinous running workout awaiting us.

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