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June 24, 2010


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I think only double works better not triple..

The sub for double unders is triple unders.

I asked Brad what the sub for double unders was and he replied that it was double unders. ha! I'm glad he said that.

It's definitely something I need to work on but CAN get in the near future but I wouldn't have known that if I had done some lame sub.

Brad...yes it WAS! And that looks like a penguin.

Jor, that was NEVER 5 minutes!

Great post and timely for me. I got talked into running a 1/2 marathon so I added CFE WODs in the morning. Sure way of knowing you are over training? Come home after work, do the WOD, walk back in tired but happy as you tell your wife you are glad tomorrow is a rest day. She looks up and says no, it isn't. After you do the Monty Python routine of yes, it, it isn' realize as usual she is right and then you are bummed because you have to wake up the next morning and do another CFE WOD and think about what WOD to do tomorrow night.

Very timely and appropriate post. Thanks for the encouragement.

Good times!!! Also, I appreciate you not posting my LBN challenge picture. That just wouldn't have been good for anybody.

Seeing this picture really makes me hate the fact that I haven't been in since Saturday, as my job is taking over my life until mid-July. Definitely will be in this weekend!!

Great post Freddy! It's not important that you go "balls to the wall" everyday, just that you have the balls to stick with it! (appropriate after the picture in the last post...haha!!! )

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