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June 29, 2010


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I've never seen such hair traps in my life.

Bruce Leroy was trying to mimic Bruce Lee with his shadow hands and it worked but to a lesser degree. I vote for Bruce vs Chuck.

Btw, I tried to get my wife to agree to name our son Bruce Lai. No luck. Oh well...maybe if we have another son...

This can't be a serious question. Hello! Bruce Lee all the way!

Although I love The Last Dragon.....can there be any question???

Bruce Lee all they way!

Hmm, tough choice, tough choice. Bruce v. Chuck ranks as the greatest cinematic tribute ever to martial arts in combination with back hair and kittens. On the other hand, Leroy v Sho-nuff had more hot chicks per minute of fight time. on the other hand (I'm up to three hands now), Leroy needs to learn the Fourth Rule of Zombieland - double tap! double tap! So, by a slim margin, after much consideration, I vote Bruce v Chuck.

I stress yet again... Bruce Leroy had the Golden Glow!!! He caught a bullet with his teeth!

and SHO-Nuff was a formidable opponent

Bruce Lee fights all the way. I'd like to see some Jet Li fights too.

Leroy vs Sho-Nuff fight was like watching the movie You Got Served.

Can we see a Jayden Smith fight scene?? Oooohhh...Ralph Macchio vs. Jayden Smith. That would have been cool to see! Battle of the Karate Kids!

Oh yeah...Bruce Lee. Walker, Texas Ranger would get wrangled.

Whoa chris! Be careful what you say of chuck he put the word laughter into manslaughter. Babies are no longer slapped at birth because chuck put his doctor in the intensive care unit after he slapped chuck at birth. Lancaster,he sells total gyms as a cover, and a way of amusing himself, laughing at unfit people! No way chuck loses to Bruce Lee.

Bruce Lee for sure.

Come on, the guy was so fast they had to tell him to slow down for the fight scenes. Speed like that generates serious power and he probably could have gotten in about 3 more punches or kicks before anyone even started to wind up.

Lee v Norris. The cat wins it.

the last post by Chris was really my post

Alex, my friend, you didn't fall on your head again did you? Bruce lee is the MAN! He was TOO fast and TOO strong. His forearms are are the size of Chucks neck!
Bruce Lee all the way!

It takes Bruce lee and chuck 2:40 seconds to throw a punch. That's not a fight scene that's Shakespeare. Also, no way Bruce lee Or anyone for that matter beats chuck in real life. Therefore, I vote Leroy the master of this weeks fight scene.

Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee all the way!!! He IS the master!!! I grew up with Kung Fu. Daddy taught it and his teacher lives in California(I think). But i did like watching The Last Dragon.

If you have $5 and Chuck Norris has $5, Chuck Norris has more money than you!

I vote Bruce Lee because he is hot! Ps. what's up with Norris' body hair?! GROSS!!

we grew up with bruce lee, jerry. You were not even born yet. that was a PUNK ASS VOTE.

Bruce LeeRoy & ShoNuff! (just because it's funnier)

I'm gonna get Stan's autograph at work tomorrow....

:24 seconds into the Last Dragon clip, look for Stan Rodrigues holding Vanity hostage...oh no!!!

I'm a fan of Taimak...I vote for Leroy Green! Vanity was HOT in that movie!

You hit the sweet spot with this one Freddy - brilliant! I say you just post fight scenes every day from now on until we get bored. I'm sure the crossfit ladies won't mind......

cmon freddy you cant stack the matches like that ;) Bruce vs chuck FTW


BTW - I vote bruce lee.

So one vote bruce vote ShoNuff

That's E-nuff Sho-Nuff to last a lifetime.

Bruce Lee 1
Don King look-a-like 0

I vote for the SHO-Nuff Fight scene...Who is the Master?

Come on now... Bruce Leroy had the Golden Glow. How can you beat a guy with the Golden Glow? I ask...

It's a shame Chuck Norris as great a martial artist as he is now sells the Total Gym. Did you know he is a BJJ black under the Machado Brothers? I guess we all have to make a living somehow....

I'll take that as a vote for the bruce lee video...

that is a disgrace to put bruce's video along side that crap. you should be ashamed of yourself! lol haha

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