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June 13, 2010


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Zhang is a squat jerker. I hope your OHS does not look like this:

Depends how close the grip is. If it gets too close, it may become a squat jerk and thus is qualify as an overhead squat.

I just took the test this weekend and did the L1 course again. remember, if you've been before, it's $500 instead of $1000. Not that that's cheap or anything, but better for sure. It was worth it to me since some things have been updated since march '08.

thanks Niels.


You've got some flexible shoulders.
I've got the same..

Wide grip = More stable, harder on the wrists/shoulders.
Close grip = Less stable, easier on the wrists/shoulders.

Practice a little with the grips and find out what works for you. What I found out to work for me is:
I can OHS with a really close grip, but I got used to a position somewhere inbetween max width and close grip. A position where I have enough stability and where it's relatively easy on my shoulders/wrists.

It's all about what works for you.

Can we just do the FreddyFit Cert and call it even ?

I think the past cert's should be grandfathered in. If not they should provide a study prep guide other than talking about zoning on beer and chips.

They should offer a one day refresher seminar free of charge to the ones that took the cert so long ago.

Eric, I was thinking the same thing you were!! Prowler and all.

Level 1 cert again?!?! let me pull 1,000 out of my ass!! :)

Hey Freddy, you should of stole that prowler ;)

This was my first time doing OHS for high reps. So what I found out was that focused on sticking my butt out and maintaining my lumbar curve as I drove up from the whole, the whole thing felt a lot easier and biomechanically correct.

I'm still wondering about hand spacing though. I seemed to be favoring a closer grip because it was less fatiguing on my shoulders and easier to grip. It seemed like I wasn't having trouble w/the bar going too forward. Maybe this method works fine for lighter loads but I'd have to probably go wider if I'm going heavy..

Anyone care to comment on this?


i think the test is a step in the right direction.
But it was hard to get a spot at a level one cert in europe and now the whole procedure again? come on....

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