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June 06, 2010


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definitely one of the most important point before you practice this, is the fact of a good preparation, phisically and mentally, you don't want end with ugly unjury, don't you?

I prefer to quit instead of hurt my body in this stupid sport, I don't know why is so popular in certain countries.


I know the feeling...send me an email.


I'm most tempted to quit when I haven't slept much the night before (like last night). Freddy, I read your blog and don't know how you train on 4 hours sleep. Anyone struggle with insomnia here and have any good resources for it? Tried melatonin, calcium/magnesium tablets, routine sleeping schedule, dark room, but still struggle with it almost daily. TOTALLY affects training/work/everything. The only thing that works for me is Ambien, but it's a freaking DRUG and I want to not depend on it.

Patrick, we've had a total of 2 sleds here at CSA in Dublin, however one was stolen. text or call me back and let me know if you're willing to make 1 for us and how much you'd charge, we may be interested if you are.

Eric...Kelso/Kalsu Either way I hated that work out and I was trying to forget about it.

I wanted to quit during Eva a few weeks back...But Lara wouldn't let me...I was pretty much in tears throughout those runs, but am glad she made me finish it out. She would have killed the wod herself, but was awesome enough to stick by my side - motivating me through to the bitter/sweet end.

Directed to this site by Kevin C from the CF main page. Need to improve strength after a short unexpected lay off.

Began CF in Mar 08.

Quit one WOD..."Murph".
I could not complete the last mile. Angry with myself. I work hard so I don't quit again.
Winners never quit/Quiters never win.

Thanks Freddy for the great training schedule. I will follow this WOD with some CF mainpage WOD's thrown in.

Nice post Freddy.

I've quit a couple of times during WODs, most recently while doing "Eva" about a year ago. I was sick and had no business working out, but still...I quit.

I hate that feeling, it's worse than the pain of any workout and that's part of the reason for the name of my blog and my personal motto: "Never Quit".

"Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever." -Lance Armstrong

you mean KALSU............

Tillman did me in this week. Back popped in round 5.

working on a few more sleds.

Kelso -- from CFFB. The only wod I've tapped out on in three years of working out at One World.

Pushing through the desire to quit and learning how to keep going despite being extremely uncomfortable (on a daily basis) are the best lessons I've taken away from doing CrossFit, ones that apply to other areas in my life as well. Great post, Freddy. I will have to try Tillman now.

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