Crossfit of Fremont


July 27, 2010


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Hey BradAss are you leaking government secrets?

Happy Birthday, John!

the voice of sanity.. thank you, Chong!!!

BT: I'm wrecked from monday AND tuesday!

is anybody else dying from mondays workout?
my abs and thighs are so tight i can hardly walk. I just did an hour of yoga it helped a little. my abs have never felt so good yet so bad!

Wysong? Celebrated? Should've been nothing but oh squats. Semper Fi!

The workout has been appropriately reprogrammed to 5 rounds of torture.

Happy Birthday, John! I see freddy programmed a demented WOD just for you. Looks fun!

seven rounds? geez, this ones gonna be a doozy... Why couldn't he have been born January 1st? ha!

that looks terrible. i'll try my best to get him to participate today while he's at our box. maybe he should scale the overhead squats to 33#? ;) just sayin's all.

happy birthday john!

Okay. Got it. "SEVEN burpees, but after each burpee, do three pull-ups" (For the record, the three pull-up thing does not make any mathematical sense. That is, if you're trying to follow the bday numbers... just sayin'.)

Um, that doesn't make the WOD any better. I don't know who to hate more: Chong for programming or John for inspiring this torture. For now, I hate you both.

Ha! I thought it was a sick and twisted way to say 21 burpees per round!! Would have been appropriate for!! Happy birthday!!

HAHA! Ooooooops! I fixed it

def a typo....

Since John is nowhere near California, I see no reason to engage in this foolish-ness. Seriously, what does it mean to do "SEVEN burpees, but after each burpee, do three burpees"? Freddy, I hope that's a typo.

Other than that, Happy Birthday John! I hope your day is filled with sour patch kids, donuts, and deep-fried okra;P

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