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July 20, 2010


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Good point Steve. But guess you could argue are stats of these workouts were already available. I wanted to see that sub 3 Fran? I was OK with the programming but thought it was a little light...15-18 minute Helen, 7 minute deadlift, 4-6 minute Fran with one day rest in between.
If you ranked the top 15 and included the results from regionals the #2 guy would be #8 and the #9 guy would be #3. So easy to make an argument that a few more workouts results would change. But #1 would still be #1. All that said it's a start and I think HQ did a great job, like everything there is always room for improvement.

Hey Freddy,

I agree with most everything you said in your Games review. I was one of the Judges and agree with your thoughts there. I had the honor of judging both Speal and Graham Holmberg in the first WOD. We tried to get everyone on the same page regarding standards of performance and form integrity. At the end of the day you're dealing with people, the heat of battle, cameras, crowds, and snap decisions. Were there minor discrepancies. Yep. But overall I think the Judging went pretty well even though there's still room for improvement.

As for the Masters programming I have a slightly different perspective. I think it was actually pretty smart. Crossfitters the world over can now look at very consumable stats from the Masters competition and know instantly how studly those competitors were. A 490# deadlift? A :4:14 Fran? These are a 50+ year old athletes, not 21 year olds. Now that the bar's been set, next years programming can be creative.

Hey Freddy,
I agree on most of what you said. I participated in the Masters. I am going to add my 2 cents on the Masters. First off the positives; It was great HQ included us. It was a fair event. The WODs chosen hit the important domains/skills (but lacked creativity). Judging and volunteers were great.

Negatives; 1) I was disappointed in the WOD selection too...not because they were easy or hard. I was just hoping for a little more creativity. Like MUs, rope climb, HSPUs etc. 2) You are totally right about under doing it. I trained my ass off for this and was expecting or hoping for more work, like 2 on Fri, 2 on Sat, 1 on Sunday. Plus with only 3 events you could argue that results might be much different with a few more events, a more fit person will perform better over a longer time domain. I think the other Masters could have handled more work outs too, we sat on our ass all day Saturday. Every Master I talked to thought that sucked. 3)The "Program"...I didn't buy one and none of my friends did either...why? Not one mention about Masters, they could have at least put our names in it. 4)We did not have the same access as the individuals, I tried to go down below for the ice baths and was told we were not allowed. Many of the Masters I spoke with voiced the same opinion, kind felt like the red-headed step child.

Thanks for the tip on gaming Fran. I rested intentionally twice during the first set of Thrusters and pull-ups and PR'd by one minute...but still wondering what I might have done if I just went all out. Guess I will have to do it later at the gym to find out. :)

games were rigged to help Speal?

subbed 2x PU and dips:

O-Lifting on Saturday.

We will be lifting this Saturday from 10 to noon for all those who have taken a clinic or session with me. Let me know who is coming. We will be working with the jerk boxes again!

Also, keep an eye out, we will be having another Clinic in mid-August for the Clean & Jerk.

Lunch time! Join us at the AT&T store in Union City! 30870 Dyer st! Lunch will start at 12-2pm! Spread the word! Let's MoGo!

I didn't mind the scoring system so much. He who does the best consistently across all the workouts is rewarded. My comment regarding the programming was related to the fact that other than the deadlift workout, none of the loads were heavy and there was a lot of gymnastic/bodyweight movements. Just my humble opinion...

Hey Freddy have a question about your statement saying that the games were for the smaller athlete. Not to take anything away from the athletes they all killed it but do you think the point system sucked? I thought it did based off spealler finishing every workout especially the last heat which was like impossible and he killed it. Rich did not finish the heat and I thought spealler would have the edge on him because of that. These were the first games I watched so I could be wrong. So I guess my question is did you agree with the scoring system and how did it work?

re: the games...
screw aromas! lol... I'd rather fly to so-cal than take short drive to a dusty dirty crap-hole. I LOVED the sandbag transfer event.. it was so entertaining.. But I think for the sake of the spectators, the final event should have been a bit more "linear" like a chipper so that it would be a bit easier to tell who's in the lead and who are neck and neck. I jumped out of my seat when Heather Bergeron made that last bolt and tied on her sandbag heat. And the image of Kristan and Annie neck and neck, face to face on the kettlebell swings was PRICELESS!

I also felt the Masters were a bit undershadowed and could've played a bigger role at the games. .. As far as the judging, I think if they do a thorough breifing beforehand on standards, it shouldn't be a problem.. The games are still evolving so there's gonna be lots of trail and error.. But i agree that we should give the judges a break!

RE: todays workout
YES! I haven't been able to duplicate the muscle up I did w/Stroud or pratice much because after the Wod I'm beat! [you know freddy, you took pictures, lol] I've been waiting for it to come up in a wod.

RE: your brother's band
cool! so you can no longer call it "angry white people music".... it's now "angry guamanian/mexican/irish people music" ha!

Nice black sabbath (the Dio years) cover! And don't forget bay areas own "Vio-Lence"! You and I were at the same shows back then, Freddy.

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