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July 31, 2010


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I will say this in closing. If anyone hates these people it is also sin, and by your hate you bring yourself down to the same level with those who oppose the Lord. It is easy to hate someone, but very hard to love someone who comes against you and your Father. I choose love for Christ and all his people. Does this mean we have roll over and play dead because this law was over turned? Not at all.

identified by OED as a variant of ambassador still preferred in the U.S.

Just an FYI. Not a typo.

all i can say is wow

This is fake. Nike would never release anything w a glaring typo. Ambassador folks.

How I long to touch her butt...

This is getting interesting.

cool im willing to take your money fellas...the more the merrier.

I would do that too. I live in Md.

I'm with Miller...I'd like to be a part as well...I live in Michigan.

Hey Freddy how would you feel about a distance entree in your naked challenge? I have been out of anything fitness for the last 6 months and need to get back to it. If I send you pics and like a money order and post comments do you think we could work something out? I live in FL.

dejong and I both luv her and her embassador!

Bet if you actually took her up on the invitation to kiss her ass she's slap you, have you arrested and sue you.

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