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July 22, 2010


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Bruce Lee and O'hara is one of my favorite fight scenes of all time

Top photo Brad M.

Top picture is Anna & James' parents.

I vote for Bruce vs O'Hara. I gave extra marks to bruce for looking extremely constipated at the end!

After extensively reviewing the videos, my vote goes to Bruce Lee vs. Chuck Norris. You can't go wrong when you have two bad-asses in one video!

Brad & J Ro...

Aloha from Hawaii!!!!

Sorry Lancaster...Not my parents..

But my guess is Brad and Joanne's...

The first one is Anna's parents... The second picture is Czar?

I pick Bruce vs Ohara!


ziv's parents.....

Lol!! I have no idea whose parents are in the top photo, but it's definitely not Brad's parents. Brad is Portugese everyone. From the Azores specifically.

First one is Brad! No idea about the second one.

I have no idea about the first one,
but the second one has to be my girl Jro!

1: Brad
2: Angela

I could be way off!! Miss you all! There's no place like One World.... Especially in SF. :(

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