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July 30, 2010


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Funnily enough I have not touched a drop in the last 10 days following a few days of deborchery in Vegas. It's been a long time since I went so long without drinking and I am feeling better in every aspect of life. It remains to be seen how long I can stay tea total but I am aiming for 3 months.

Great post Freddy!

Khalid Im working on a nutrition seminar for the gym, which should start off the next look better naked challenge. Blame me its been my procrastination that has slown this process down.

More info to come shortly along with a nutrition blog that me and Freddy are working on.

I totally agree 100% on the effects of ETOH on training. It will certainly diminish gains on 100% of people. The HUGE issue, and you will be able to relate, is the effect of ETOH once you hit an age milestone such as 40. When I was 20-30 i could crush workouts, eat whatever and do well. Now that I am , gasp, 43, i find that a bottle of wine or a 6 pack crushes me as far as performance the next day. While I feel relatively good now as I crush this bottle of Chianti, I will get crushed in the AM. By the way...Where are those 36" shorts? Bro I don't want to, can't knock 2" off my waist at 43 to get to 34"!!!


Interesting article.. I'm actually surprised that you drank a little something every night and still was able to keep your performance up. When I drink, I'm retarded for like the next 2 days.

I used to drink every saturday night. A half pint of Jack Daniels before the club and 3 jack n cokes at the club. If we hung out afterwards, probably a few red bull and vodkas into the wee hours of the morning. Even though I was clean as a whistle during the weekdays, the weekends would mess me up. It seems like for me, the only way I can get lean and increase performance is if I keep my drinking down to maybe once or twice a month.

I guess it's not so much the alcohol but the late night Denny's runs that accompany it. And the next morning, I'd be kinda hung over so I'd just grab some fast food instead of making a healthy paleo breakfast.

Hey Freddy, I've been meaning to ask you.. what do you think about another look better naked or paleo challenge? [not sure what's going on w/the other one] Maybe we could take pics every two weeks and post em or something.. I think it wouuld really help w/accountability and motivation. I know I'd be more motivated to lose my little spare tire if it was posted on the world web for all to see

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