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July 23, 2010


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Hi Guys

Greetings from up in the Canadian Rockies

Just a note to say I have been a fan of yours for a long are a 'favoured' tab on firefox.....get up, turn on 'puter, see what you guys have been upto, chuckle....then get on with the day

That conditioning routine is brutal.....did something similar the other month....kicked A*s for sure.....and since I am in the last week of the youth athlete conditioning camp, given me an idea for an end of camp 'treat'.....cheers for the reminder!!

Also did similar with Burpees at the end of last year.... 1 Burpee 1st minute, 2 Burpees 2nd minute......I still receive an F Bomb or achieve finger status if I even mention that it may be happening in this month's schedule

Have a great one

Train Hard, Live Easy


Yeah Freddy, if my works schedule allowed it, I'd sooo rather come in in the afternoons instead of the ass-crack 6:30 session..

Funny how everyone thought my dad was Brad's dad. LOL.. they do look a bit similar I guess. And funny that you say I look like my dad because all my life people would say I looked just like my mom and nothing like my dad but I always thought I looked more like my dad than people thought.

Annie, as far as I know, yes.

Angela, will there be Oly lifting on Sat?

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